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This LGBTQ+ rugby team’s nude fundraiser calendar is all about body positivity

The Amsterdam Lowlanders’ 2020 calendar is not just 12 pictures of naked men, it’s proof, says the photographer: "there is no real ideal image."

LGBT Sports history: Those nude portraits of Bobby Orr

In 2007, an artist unveiled two paintings of Boston Bruins hockey legend Bobby Orr, not wearing his uniform. Or anything.

Who’s naked and LGBT in ESPN’s latest ‘Body Issue’?

For 11 years, ESPN’s Body Issue has showcased athletes the network has dubbed the world’s greatest. And some of the world’s gayest, too.

Player's penis falls out during NFL Combine

Player can only laugh at his 'oops' moment on national TV.

Warwick Rowers talk about their love of gay fans

The Warwick Rowers are back at it for their 2016 calendar, this time shrugging their shoulders at any issue with having gay fans.

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Russian hurdler gets naked, welcomes gay fans

Russian hurdler Sergey Shubenkov doesn't seem to have the same problem with gay men as his government does.

NFL Week 6: Bengals get naked on TV

The Bengals show what they're made of in the locker room. What were the Colts thinking? Ranking the unbeaten teams. Hot player of the week.

Outsports at 15: Naked athletes we've loved

Jocks in the buff, inadvertently or not, have given us a lot of pleasure.

Field hockey team strips to support gay athletes

The Nottingham field hockey team took their sticks in one hand and their balls in the other and got naked for the gays.

We never get tired of Warwick naked rowers photos

Sir Ian McKellen poses with the lads as they promote their 2015 calendar.

Aussie rugby fan wags his penis on live TV

Fan gets a bit carried away after his team wins its first title in 43 years.

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Some ruggers love getting drunk and naked

It always amazes me to see how some straight guys behave after a few drinks. I saw this video a while back but a friend just reminded me of it. Here you have a bunch of supposedly straight rugby players many of whom are looking for an excuse to get naked and grab each other and make out after a few drinks. It's a fascinating study in social psychology. BTW, 200% NSFW.

P.E. teacher suspended for porn pics

ESPN the Mag planning all-nude issue