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National Football League

Carl Nassib takes personal day in wake of Jon Gruden anti-gay comments

Carl Nassib may feel more alone than he felt when he was in the closet. That is a tragedy.

Two out NFL staffers shared their stories of acceptance on National Coming Out Day

Lya Vallat and Stevie Johnson have been out working at the NFL for years.

Tony Dungy’s tone-deaf defense of Jon Gruden keeps looking worse

Dungy blinded defended Gruden before his homophobic emails were uncovered.

Carl Nassib has an NFL job. Jon Gruden does not. Welcome to sports in 2021

Gruden was forced to resign after past anti-gay language was revealed. Nassib is still playing for the same Raiders.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigns after calling Roger Goodell a ‘fag**t’

Gruden sent a barrage of homophobic emails to friends around the NFL.

Carl Nassib Gay Distraction Meter: NFL Week 5

Our distraction meter puts to the test the idea that an openly gay NFL player would be a detriment to his team.

Carl Nassib confirms he has a boyfriend

The Las Vegas Raiders lineman opened up about his beau on a teammate’s podcast.

John Mara Jr., son of New York Giants owner, married his husband on Friday

John and husband George Sholley celebrated their wedding with family and friends.

Robert Kraft showed up to Boston’s gay flag football league’s opening day

The Patriots’ owner is an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Washington Football will be 1st NFL team to host official Pride Night at a game, this Thursday

The Washington Football Team welcomes the LGBTQ community for Thursday Night Football.

Carl Nassib forces game-winning fumble as Raiders win first-ever NFL game with out gay player

Hollywood couldn’t have written a better ending than this game for Nassib, the Raiders and the LGBTQ community.

Charles Barkley wore Carl Nassib’s jersey on ESPN2’s ‘Monday Night Football’ broadcast

The NBA Hall of Famer has always supported LGBTQ people in sports.

Gay and bi former NFL players excited to see Carl Nassib take the field for Raiders

Those who came before Carl Nassib as gay NFL players, will be among his biggest cheerleaders Monday night.

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

The Dallas Cowboys’ long gay & bi history: 3 out athletes, some glory hole, a gay dating site & more

Jeff Rohrer, RK Russell and Michael Sam wore Cowboys jerseys, and Jerry Jones professed he wants ‘some glory hole.’

Meet the 16 out gay and bi football players in the NFL’s 102-year history

Carl Nassib will become the first to ever play a down as openly gay, but the rest are still trailblazers.

Carl Nassib makes Raiders roster, first openly gay player in NFL history

Carl Nassib will be on the Raiders’ opening day roster and make NFL history in the process.

Arizona Cardinals will sponsor Gay Bowl this fall, the 5th NFL team to do so

The Cardinals are major backers of the LGBTQ flag football tournament Gay Bowl XXI in the Phoenix area.

49ers expand LGBTQ outreach, DT Maurice Hurst shares love for his gay friends

Hurst emphatically says he would support a gay teammate, as the team invited members of 49ers Pride to attend training camp.

Katie Sowers wins her first game back on NFL sideline, returns to coaching college

The trailblazing coach was working this summer as a coaching intern for the Chiefs.

Here’s the craziest ‘media circus’ photo you’ll see at Carl Nassib’s first game Saturday

Carl Nassib coming out was a 3-day story. It continues to be just that as the Raiders host the Seahawks.

There’s an openly gay player in the NFL preseason and nobody cares

Why the media yawning over Carl Nassib at the Las Vegas Raiders camp is ultimately a good thing.

Raiders’ Derek Carr had no idea Carl Nassib was gay

Raiders quarterback voices his total support for his teammate who came out publicly as gay.

10 years ago: NFL legend Michael Irvin talks about his gay brother

Michael Irvin opened up for the first time about his gay brother, Vaughn, and his love for both his brother and Christianity.

This is how much money the Trevor Project has raised since Carl Nassib came out

The suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth has raised at least $300,000 in committed contributions over the last week.

Bruce Smith says he had a gay Bills teammate, maybe 2, and accepted them

Bruce Smith is the latest Hall of Famer to express support for LGBTQ people, saying acceptance has been in NFL locker rooms for many years.

NFL says: ‘Football is gay. Football is queer. Football is accepting.’

The NFL has released a new video stating unequivocal support for LGBTQ fans, players and coaches.

Inclusion in sports is on a hot streak during Pride 2021, and this week was huge

From the ball fields and pitches, to the upcoming Olympics, courage is again proving to be contagious.

Carl Nassib will never have to prove he’s ‘good enough.’ He already has.

By waiting until he was an established player before coming out as gay, Nassib ensured he will have a legacy on the field.

NFL world embraces Carl Nassib coming out: ‘Much respect brudda’

Nassib says the support of his teammates made it possible for him to make history.

This stream has:

Carl Nassib of the Raiders is the NFL’s first active gay player

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We should care about Carl Nassib because he might have saved a life

Given the suicide rate of LGBTQ people, Carl Nassib sharing his truth can inspire others to live their truth.


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