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National Hockey League

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

Gay NHL prospect Luke Prokop has not heard any slurs since coming out

Luke Prokop has had quite a month since coming out, including a call from Sir Elton John.

Luke Prokop seeing widespread support as a gay athlete, and no one should be surprised by that

Yes, the NHL, hockey and America are "ready" for gay professional athletes like Luke Prokop.

Nashville Predators prospect Luke Prokop comes out as gay

Luke Prokop is the first active player under NHL contract to publicly come out.

Why Meghan Duggan’s new job with the New Jersey Devils is so important for all of us

In her new role, Meghan Duggan will do what she does well: develop players. She’ll do it as an out gay woman.

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Meghan Duggan is the NHL's latest ray of sunlight

She's gay, married and with a child. And still an inspiration for so many in sports.

This is what it’s really like when a gay athlete hears gay slurs uttered by teammates

Brock McGillis suffered for years hearing the very things Kevin Durant and Sebastian Lletget were allowed to say.

Sabres and Penguins meet in first-ever NHL joint Pride matchup

Pride was on ice in a nationally-televised hockey clash for a cause.

New Jersey Devils host team’s first Pride Night since pandemic

The NHL team hosted its 5th annual N.J. Devils Pride Night, featuring special jerseys which will be auctioned-off to benefit LGBTQ groups.

Kurtis Gabriel challenges NHL to improve inclusion efforts

The longtime ally says the league needs to reach out to LGBTQ people and "get uncomfortable."

Some retired gay male athletes continue to be frustrated more haven’t come out after them

Dave Kopay is the latest retired gay male athlete to ask why there aren’t more openly gay players in elite team sports.

NHL forward Kurtis Gabriel and his Pride Tape head to San Jose

Longtime ally Kurtis Gabriel has played for the Devils, the Wild and most recently the AHL Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Now he has a 1-year contract with the Sharks.

When this NHL player agent came out, the game’s biggest stars congratulated him

Bayne Pettinger fielded congratulatory texts from Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid when he told them he was gay.

The Huddle is on strike

Today is Friday, August 28, 2020. This Huddle is published in support of all the athletes who decided not to play pro sports to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake and racial injustice.

This week’s LGBT Sports winners and losers capital of the world

It was a lousy week for 2 guys who talk for a living and other big stories of the past 7 days.

This week’s LGBT Sports winners, losers and Stanley Cup Qualifiers

The NHL is skating closer to the Stanley Cup playoffs as we look back at the big stories we’ve covered in the past 7 days.

Outsports conversation: How to work with your favorite team to embrace LGBTQ fans

5 out employees at pro-sports teams joined us to talk about how to push for more LGBTQ inclusion from your favorite team.

Gay Sacramento Kings exec says he ‘just wants to be heard’

Kings Special Events Sales Director Karl Crudup will be part of Outsports’ conversation Thursday about how to push for more LGBTQ inclusion in pro sports.

So who is eligible to be an underdog? Karleigh Webb sets the ground rules

We love them, root for them, make movies about them, but what qualifies someone to be an "underdog"?

What if sports media didn’t treat sexuality as a ‘distraction?’

It’s "What If? Week" at SB Nation, and today, Outsports is imagining a world in which sexual orientation or gender identity is treated as no big deal in major pro sports leagues.

Gay hockey player: NHL hypocritical to condemn Brendan Leipsic without changing culture

Brock McGillis says Leipsic will be nothing more than a fall guy if the league doesn’t begin to more seriously educate players on the power of their speech.

My Top 10 favorite sports jerseys of all-time

Apparently, I have a thing for teal, says our Brian C. Bell.

Gay hockey player: Ex-NHL champ Dustin Penner’s tweets are ‘dangerous’ but all too common

In a series of tweets, Penner implied Trudeau is a gay pedophile.

No hockey, no fans, but plenty of Pride in Pittsburgh

The arena where the Pittsburgh Penguins normally play hockey was lit up in Pride colors Tuesday night even though the coronavirus pandemic has suspended the season.

Winners, losers and casualties: coronavirus edition

Each week, Outsports’ managing editor selects big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage. And this week’s coverage was dominated by the disease COVID-19.

Sports are not immune from the Coronavirus. Now what?

As LGBTQ athletes and fans, we know fear all too well. We have lived with it, and overcome it. With the NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and more closing shop, what can we do now?

Why does it matter if sports teams hold “Pride Nights?”

The St. Louis Blues are receiving criticism for scheduling "Hockey is for Everyone" night during a road game.

Chicago Blackhawks to host first-ever Pride Night and give fans rainbow socks

Chicago’s NHL team will host an honest-to-goodness, official Pride Night, in partnership with the Chicago Gay Hockey Assn. and organizers of OUT at Wrigley.

It’s always Pride in Philadelphia

The Flyers beat the Capitals in Wednesday’s Pride-themed home game.

New Jersey Devils to highlight LGBTQ voices in sports at Pride Night, Jan. 4

Athletes, coaches and advocates from the LGBTQ community will be celebrated at the Devils’ Pride Night.

Pride Night hater cries ‘gaying of Major League Baseball is nearly complete’  

Pride Nights at sports events celebrating LGBTQ fans have apparently achieved peak annoyance for opponents of equality.

Winners and losers in LGBTQ sports: Pride Edition

From Megan Rapinoe to an Ohio high school, here are your World Pride edition heroes and goats of the week.


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