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National Hockey League

Marc-André Fleury is the latest to defy NHL’s specialty equipment ban with Native American Heritage mask

Following in the footsteps of Travis Dermott’s triumphant Pride Tape moment, Fleury defiantly stands up to Gary Bettman’s ban.

Zero: Number of anti-gay slurs Luke Prokop has heard from other pro hockey players

Now in the top hockey minor league, Luke Prokop continues to show the power in being an out gay athlete.

Luke Prokop plays in game for Milwaukee Admirals, first out gay player in AHL

Luke Prokop is the first publicly out gay athlete to play in an AHL game, one division below the NHL.

Utah and Cincinnati minor league hockey teams show the NHL that Pride jerseys are alive and well in 2023

The Utah Grizzlies and Cincinnati Cyclones pulled off successful Pride jersey promotions and gave the NHL yet another black eye.

Luke Prokop scores game-winning goal in OT, Gladiators undefeated since he joined the team

Prokop is the only publicly out gay athlete in pro hockey in the US, finding success in the sport.

Gay former hockey player Brock McGillis launches speaking tour to combat his sport’s entrenched homophobia

The ‘Culture Shift Tour’ will visit every NHL market in Canada as McGillis tells his life story to minor hockey players in order to make the ice a more inclusive place.

Justin Rogers shares his story of being a gay man in the NHL, with the Seattle Kraken

Rogers is a trainer for the Kraken. He has been out on social media for years.

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Where is Gary Bettman's head at?

Gary Bettman was the architect of the ban of Pride Tape, one of the stupidest moves we've seen from a pro sports league in decades.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman should resign, effective today

Gary Bettman and others no longer represent the values of the NHL. He must go.

NHL reverses Pride Tape ban, players can now ‘say gay’ on the ice, NHL confirms

The NHL did what it had to do, days ahead of the league’s first Pride Night of the season.

Tale of the tape takes new twist ahead of Arizona Coyotes’ Pride Night

Gary Bettman wanted to "take the distraction away," but the NHL’s Pride Tape ban only created a new one until the inevitable U-turn happened Tuesday.

Scotiabank raised Pride Tape’s profile with giveaway throughout Canada

In spite of the NHL’s previous ban, the promotion was more evidence that Pride Tape’s popularity continues to grow.

Tyson Jost and Alex Tuch are stars of Buffalo Sabres ‘speed dating’ video

The playful banter between the two players shows why the NHL’s ban on things like Pride Tape won’t resonate with a younger generation.

Arizona Coyotes player Travis Dermott used Pride Tape, has ‘shed tears’ about the NHL ban

Dermott used the tape on his stick during the game, creating an utter disaster for the NHL.

NHL ‘Player Inclusion Coalition’ doesn’t include a single out gay or bi man

Why has the NHL excluded gay and bi men from its ‘player inclusion coalition’?

Sharks coach David Quinn supports players using Pride Tape despite NHL ban

NBC Sports’ Tara Slone reported on Quinn’s ‘unequivocal’ support for players using Pride Tape.

The NHLPA has been publicly silent about the NHL’s silencing of Pride Tape

Marty Walsh, as well as other NHLPA officials, have refused to comment about the NHL ban of Pride Tape.

Are the NHL and NHLPA in talks to allow Pride Tape one week a year?

According to reports, the NHL is reconsidering its ban on Pride Tape and other forms of on-ice player expression.

NHL players continue to speak out against the league’s Pride Tape ban

The NHL tried to avoid a "distraction" by banning Pride Tape. Now, that’s all the league has created as players express disappointment.

NHL should heal self-inflicted wound by reversing ban on Pride Tape

In the week since Pride Tape was banned, the NHL’s decision has been met with derision and mockery. The smart way out is to rescind the order.

Gay former college hockey player calls NHL Pride Tape ban ‘totally absurd’

Adam Fyrer wants to see the NHL allow individual expression with stick tape, to support LGBTQ athletes.

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The NHL won't let me love hockey anymore

This LGBTQ fan of the NHL speaks out against the league's ridiculous ban of Pride Tape.

Brian Burke, LGBTQ advocate in hockey, ‘deeply disappointed’ by NHL’s Pride Tape ban

A statement has been released by Burke, who co-founded You Can Play after the tragic death of son Brendan, an inspiration to many in hockey as an out gay man.

Queer college hockey player feels rejected by the sport after NHL’s ban on Pride Tape

‘Hockey is no longer for everyone,’ says out college hockey player Carson Gates, after the NHL’s shift in policy.

Two NHL players are now talking publicly about using Pride Tape ‘anyway’

Two NHL players have now publicly questioned the league’s ability to stop them from using Pride Tape.

NHL players should gear up to use Pride Tape despite league ban

Stars like Connor McDavid, Jack Hughes and others could stand up for LGBTQ inclusion in hockey by using Pride Tape in defiance of the NHL’s ban. They might do just that.

‘Hockey is not for everyone’: NHL’s Pride Tape ban blasted by LGBTQ people and allies

You Can Play, Pride Tape and people across social media and the media are slamming the NHL for its Pride Tape ban.

The NHL has banned Pride Tape, creating its own ‘Don’t Say Gay’ policy on the ice

The NHL has banned Pride Tape and Pride jerseys, in addition to issuing a disaster memo about LGBTQ and other initiatives. Hockey is not for everyone.

Luke Prokop headed to the AHL, one step closer to the NHL

Prokop is the rare out gay athlete in professional hockey.

Paul Bissonnette loves talking about bending guys over with ‘no spit, no lube’

Bissonnette seems to relish in graphically describing naked men and sex with them.

Luke Prokop has won 2 titles in 2 seasons. Will the gay player get his NHL debut?

Prokop seems closer than ever to being the first out gay player on an NHL or AHL roster.

Connor McDavid critical of ban on NHL Pride warm-up jerseys

Edmonton Oilers star calls decision by commissioner Bettman ‘disappointing.’


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