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National Hockey League

San Jose Sharks’ interaction with LGBTQ hockey team shows pride at its best

The San Francisco Quakes have had a long and impactful relationship with the San Jose Sharks that’s a nice antidote to Pride controversies in sports.

Even with the top draft pick, organizational homophobia makes it hard to support the Blackhawks

After the Blackhawks played their part in this year’s NHL Pride jersey fiasco, it’s hard to justify cheering for them as an LGBTQ fan. Even with Connor Bedard.

All 8 remaining NHL playoff teams had successful Pride Nights

LGBTQ fans can root for any of the eight remaining NHL teams knowing they did Pride Night right.

Pride jerseys, decals, a drag show: Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets do Pride Night right

The Maple Leafs decision to have openly gay Olympian Mehan Duggan talk about inclusion was a powerful moment.

Gary Bettman confirms the NHL created its own Pride Night mess

The NHL commissioner said the league mandated that all players wear Pride jerseys, without ensuring there was full buy-in.

This stream has:

NHL Pride Nights: Wearing a rainbow jersey becomes controversial

Pride Nights have been a staple in the NHL since 2018, but this season they have generated controversy.

Ilya Lyubushkin is latest NHL player to refuse a rainbow jersey, cites ‘Russia!’

The Buffalo Sabres player is the first to publicly claim fear of Russia for why he won’t wear a rainbow.

NHL teams using Russia as excuse for screwing up their Pride nights

A top NHL official says there’s no evidence that any Russian players faces punishment for wearing a Pride jersey.

Christian NHL brothers Eric and Marc Staal refuse to wear Pride jersey, ask for ‘respect’

The Staal brothers hid behind ‘prayer,’ issuing a statement that misses the entire point of the Pride jerseys.

Chicago Blackhawks ditch Pride jerseys, blame Russian anti-gay laws

The team claims it made the decision at an organizational level at not from the players. Regardless, it’s another black eye for NHL Pride nights.

Luke Prokop speaks out about the NHL’s Pride Night jersey snubs

The out gay prospect said he’s "disappointed," and explained why Pride Nights are so important.

19 San Jose Sharks players wear Pride Night jersey, 1 does not

Team captain Logan Couture celebrates "extremely important night," while James Reimer cites Jesus Christ in refusing to wear the jersey.

Hockey isn’t for everyone. Some women and LGBTQ people on Twitter are pushing to change that.

This NHL fan has returned to the league because of efforts from women like her, and other diverse groups.

How Vladimir Putin helps dictate what NHL teams do on Pride Nights

Russia’s anti-gay laws are being cited for some NHL teams backing down on having their players wear Pride-themed uniforms.

Minnesota Wild are latest NHL team to cave to homophobia, abandon Pride jerseys

The Wild had announced players would wear rainbow jerseys. Then they quietly deleted web pages and didn’t.

Former NHL coach Marc Crawford under investigation after homophobic tirade during hockey game

Crawford was caught on camera directing a homophobic slur at a referee during a game in Switzerland’s National League.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s insulting Pride Night statement

Bettman is siding with players who refuse to wear LGBTQ Pride jerseys.

Rangers’ Pride Night fiasco is the latest example of sports teams being afraid of a rainbow

The Rangers chose protecting homophobic players over supporting their LGBTQ fans. Sadly, this is now a familiar story.

New York Rangers immeasurably set back LGBT community in the NHL with Pride jersey refusal

New York Rangers chose to reject LGBT fans by choosing to change course and have players not wear Pride rainbow.

There is no hidden agenda in the shade thrown at Tony Dungy & Ivan Provorov

Despite the claims from opportunists, we’re not out to destroy religion or biblical culture. We just want to enjoy sports without feeling hated for who we are.

Hockey is not for everyone. Not yet. And we’re getting there.

Ivan Provorov’s rejection of the LGBT community, with the blessing of the NHL and Flyers, shows we’re not there yet.

Ivan Provorov refuses to wear Flyers Pride jersey, NHL & coach stand by player

Ivan Provorov played in a game despite refusing to wear a Pride rainbow jersey, in a show of defiance against LGBT fans.

Ivan Provorov shows why Pride Nights aren’t enough

Pride Nights are hollow if there isn’t larger buy-in from the teams hosting them.

NHL player Andrew Shaw details his evolution on LGBTQ issues since gay slur incident

The longtime Blackhawks forward says the experience opened up his eyes about the LGBTQ community.

Montreal Canadiens auction signed Pride jerseys of 32 players for charity

The Canadiens celebrated their Pride Night with an auction of 32 rainbow jerseys worn by players during warmups.

Edmonton Oilers celebrate Pride Night by honoring openly gay player Luke Prokop

Luke Prokop, who plays for the Oilers’ junior team, is the guest of honor on Pride Night.

Vancouver Canucks created the best Pride jerseys we’ve ever seen

They offer way more than rainbows.

Flyers’ Van Riemsdyk, Laughton stress need for LGBTQ inclusion in hockey

The two Philadelphia Flyers are taking the concept of Pride Night beyond one game.

This gay NHL fan was attacked and is coming forward to stop homophobia

Cadien Shaw hopes that sharing his experience can spark change.

Outsports Male Hero of the Year: Luke Prokop

The first active player under NHL contract to publicly come out shows that being LGBTQ is nothing to run away from.

Opponents on the ice, Penguins and Sabres unite for NHL’s second joint Pride Game

After successfully co-hosting a Pride promotion in Buffalo last season, the two teams cooperate to bring a Pride Game to Pittsburgh.

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