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Out Athletes

Villanova star Will Sheridan to be inducted into state basketball hall of fame

The former Villanova star came out 10 years ago and is being honored in Delaware for his accomplishments.

Gay soccer player Josh Cavallo would be ‘scared’ to play World Cup in anti-gay Qatar

Comments by the newly out player show how soccer failed when it awarded World Cup to a country hostile to LGBTQ rights.

Robert Dover’s new book The Gates To Brilliance offers life lessons and fun stories

Among other moments, Dover talks about other riders betting on him being gay, and coming out at the Olympics.

Josh Cavallo received support from these 38 pro soccer players and clubs after coming out as gay

Players, coaches and clubs around the world are sharing their support for Cavallo and gay athletes.

Jenna Burkert feared being a stereotype. Now she fights for gold, an out and proud inspiration

Jenna Burkert resisted coming out for fear of being a stereotype. Now she is an inspiration competing for the USA.

Carl Nassib takes personal day in wake of Jon Gruden anti-gay comments

Carl Nassib may feel more alone than he felt when he was in the closet. That is a tragedy.

Kieran Lovegrove’s coming out story shows how baseball is ready for openly LGBTQ players

In coming out to his minor league teammates as bisexual, Lovegrove’s example shows how baseball is in a better place than it’s ever been.

Ultimate player Irene Zhou finds her comfort zone in her team’s accepting atmosphere

Zhou has flourished with her LGBTQ teammates, who use ‘that’s gay’ as a compliment.

This gay wrestler came out in 1999 at Catholic school in West Virginia, and was embraced

Carlin Yetts says his teammates always had his back, even though he was different than all of them.

Out In Sports study proves what we’ve known for years: Athletes support LGBTQ teammates

For years out LGBTQ athletes have talked about receiving support from teammates. Now we have the proof.

Gay college soccer player came out to his team in Kentucky. Their response was ‘perfect’

Thomas Roth found widespread acceptance from teammates in Kentucky when he came out to them in 2018.

Out players in men’s Big 5 sports report wide levels of acceptance, survey finds

Outsports-sponsored survey of out athletes in football, men’s basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey found 71.7% having at least a ‘good’ experience.

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Out In Sports Study: Out LGBTQ athletes report deep, widespread acceptance from teammates

A new study by Outsports, Univ. of Winchester and Sports Equality Foundation shatters perceptions of LGBTQ hate in sports.

At least 25% of the players in the WNBA Playoffs are LGBTQ and out

Half of the top-seed Connecticut Sun roster is out LGBTQ athletes, and they have an out coach.

At least 186 out LGBTQ athletes at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, by far a record

There were more out LGBTQ athletes in Tokyo than all the previous Summer Olympics combined. Here’s the list.

Martina Navratilova reflects on her advocacy, the March on Washington, trans athletes and more

The tennis legend tells Outsports that every trans athlete deserves a path to inclusion in women’s sports.

Chinese volleyball player comes out as gay, a rarity for Chinese athletes

Out athletes are very rare in China. ‘She’s my everything,’ the volleyball player wrote in a post on a popular website.

Pro wrestler Jake Atlas, prominent figure in LGBTQ wrestling movement, steps away from the ring indefinitely

Citing mental health struggles, Jake Atlas is stepping away from pro wrestling for the forseeable future, leaving a legacy of LGBTQ representation in his wake.

Sam Stosur wins US Open Final, her 8th Grand Slam title

Stosur won her second Grand Slam doubles title match with partner Shuai Zhang.

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

Meet the 16 out gay and bi football players in the NFL’s 102-year history

Carl Nassib will become the first to ever play a down as openly gay, but the rest are still trailblazers.

At least 36 out LGBTQ Paralympians are competing in Tokyo, by far a record

Three dozen out LGBTQ Paralympians are headed to Tokyo, triple the number in Rio.

Jaden Vazquez has found total acceptance as an out D1 college football player

Jaden Vazquez hasn’t heard a single negative comment since coming out. Now he wants to help other LGBTQ athletes.

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Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, and LGBTQ inclusion

There are a record number of out LGBTQ athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. We’ll cover all the news.

Olympian Sarka Pancochova got married in the mountains, complete with bourbon and a black bear

Sarka and Kaileen married in the Cascade Mountains, filled with love and laughs.

Olympic diver Jordan Windle writes children’s book with his gay dad

'An Orphan No More' tells the story of a father and an orphan who don't look the same. It's the story of Jerry and Jordan Windle.

Olympic marathoner Aoife Cooke is out and representing Ireland in Tokyo

Aoife Cooke competed for Arkansas Tech. Now she will rep Ireland as an out athlete at the Olympics.

Where are the out male Olympians?

The dearth of out LGBTQ men competing in Tokyo shows how far male sports still have to go.

Out LGBTQ women outnumber out men at the Tokyo Olympics by about 9-to-1. Why?

Why are there relatively few out men at the Tokyo Olympics? We explore the reasons.

This gay athlete and advocate has a rare bone infection, and he needs your help to survive

Eric Lueshen has advocated for LGBTQ athletes for years, and now he needs the community’s help.

Raven Saunders came out to her mom in 3rd grade. Now she’s at the Olympics

Raven Saunders will contend for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics as an out and proud athlete.

This LGBTQ Olympic athlete is an advocate in Poland hoping to marry her girlfriend

Aleksandra Jarmolińska could win an Olympic medal for a country that won’t recognize her marriage.