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Out Athletes

Out gymnast Sirena Linton is second-team All-American at NCAAs

The out athlete competed for the University of Arizona at the National Championships.

Why we’ll never have a ‘gay Jackie Robinson’

No. 42 was a special man at a special time in history.

Gay field hockey player Davis Atkin qualifies for Australia’s junior national team

After being outed last year, Davis Atkin is taking his hockey career to the next level.

Shaheen Holloway coaching Seton Hall years after recruiting gay player Derrick Gordon

The now-former Saint Peter’s coach was reportedly instrumental in bringing the out gay player to Seton Hall.

Gay athletes won gold and bronze at Figure Skating World Championships

Guillaume Cizeron won ice dance gold with Gabriella Papadakis, as pairs skater Eric Radford took home bronze.

Track team athlete Ty Wright is gay, Mormon and accepted at BYU

The high jumper says that despite BYU’s Honor Code, he has found his niche at the school while being out.

Out basketball player Courtney Thrun thrives in Brandeis’s culture of acceptance

After feeling repressed in her hometown, Thrun finds the open environment she’d been looking for under out head coach Carol Simon.

Out Olympian Paul Poirier wants to change narratives around sports and inspire LGBTQ people to be their true selves

Poirier talks with Outsports about merging part of his personal and professional lives. Up next is the World Championships.

Soccer league’s first-ever Pride Game shows the power of athletes coming out

The A-League will have its first-ever Pride Game just months after player Josh Cavallo came out as gay.

Out snowboarder Belle Brockhoff aims for gold in her third Olympics

In 2018, she could recovered from injury to compete. Now Brockhoff goes for the gold in Beijing.

At least 36 out LGBTQ athletes in Beijing Winter Olympics, a record

The number of out Winter Olympians is more than double that from four years ago as visibility grows. Here’s the list.

Andrew Blaser wins Team USA Olympic skeleton spot, first out gay man to do so

Team USA’s Andrew Blaser will be the first publicly out gay man to ever compete in skeleton at the Olympics.

Brittany Bowe wins a spot in her third Olympics, the 1st out American in the 2022 Games

Brittany Bowe is hoping to add to the bronze medal she won in the 2018 Olympics.

Tom Daley rings in the new year by being named an OBE

With his latest honor, the Olympic champion reemphasizes his commitment to making Great Britain a better home for the LGBTQ community.

Top 15 most-read Outsports stories in 2021 feature Olympics, athletes coming out

LGBTQ athletes were more present in sports in 2021 than ever before, creating memories and sports headlines.

Megan Rapinoe reimagines athlete/corporate dynamic with her new Nike partnership

Rapinoe and Nike’s new "Victory Redefined" partnership incorporates her social outreach to numerous communities.

Sam Kerr on FA Cup victory: ‘My girlfriend is here – I had to put on a show!’

The star striker added two goals and was Player of the Match in Chelsea’s win over Arsenal for the FA Cup title.

Brittany Bowe racking up World Cup medals headed into her third Olympic Games

Brittany Bowe has two golds and a silver in World Cup races as the out athlete aims for more Olympic medals.

Out pro wrestler Mercedes Martinez’s evolutionary mission leads her to Impact Knockouts title match

Mercedes Martinez will challenge Impact Knockouts champion Mickie James at Saturday’s Turning Point event

Eric Radford has returned to competition, headed to his third Olympics

Radford has won Olympic gold, silver and bronze. It would be the 4th Olympics for his new partner, Vanessa James.

Andrew Blaser hopes to be an out gay athlete at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Andrew Blaser races in skeleton for Team USA, painted fingernails, snakeskin uniform and all.

Villanova star Will Sheridan to be inducted into state basketball hall of fame

The former Villanova star came out 10 years ago and is being honored in Delaware for his accomplishments.

Gay soccer player Josh Cavallo would be ‘scared’ to play World Cup in anti-gay Qatar

Comments by the newly out player show how soccer failed when it awarded World Cup to a country hostile to LGBTQ rights.

Robert Dover’s new book The Gates To Brilliance offers life lessons and fun stories

Among other moments, Dover talks about other riders betting on him being gay, and coming out at the Olympics.

Josh Cavallo received support from these 38 pro soccer players and clubs after coming out as gay

Players, coaches and clubs around the world are sharing their support for Cavallo and gay athletes.

Jenna Burkert feared being a stereotype. Now she fights for gold, an out and proud inspiration

Jenna Burkert resisted coming out for fear of being a stereotype. Now she is an inspiration competing for the USA.

Carl Nassib takes personal day in wake of Jon Gruden anti-gay comments

Carl Nassib may feel more alone than he felt when he was in the closet. That is a tragedy.

Kieran Lovegrove’s coming out story shows how baseball is ready for openly LGBTQ players

In coming out to his minor league teammates as bisexual, Lovegrove’s example shows how baseball is in a better place than it’s ever been.

Ultimate player Irene Zhou finds her comfort zone in her team’s accepting atmosphere

Zhou has flourished with her LGBTQ teammates, who use ‘that’s gay’ as a compliment.

This gay wrestler came out in 1999 at Catholic school in West Virginia, and was embraced

Carlin Yetts says his teammates always had his back, even though he was different than all of them.

Out In Sports study proves what we’ve known for years: Athletes support LGBTQ teammates

For years out LGBTQ athletes have talked about receiving support from teammates. Now we have the proof.

Gay college soccer player came out to his team in Kentucky. Their response was ‘perfect’

Thomas Roth found widespread acceptance from teammates in Kentucky when he came out to them in 2018.