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Out Athletes

Chinese volleyball player comes out as gay, a rarity for Chinese athletes

Out athletes are very rare in China. ‘She’s my everything,’ the volleyball player wrote in a post on a popular website.

Pro wrestler Jake Atlas, prominent figure in LGBTQ wrestling movement, steps away from the ring indefinitely

Citing mental health struggles, Jake Atlas is stepping away from pro wrestling for the forseeable future, leaving a legacy of LGBTQ representation in his wake.

Sam Stosur wins US Open Final, her 8th Grand Slam title

Stosur won her second Grand Slam doubles title match with partner Shuai Zhang.

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

At least 36 out LGBTQ Paralympians are competing in Tokyo, by far a record

Three dozen out LGBTQ Paralympians are headed to Tokyo, triple the number in Rio.

Jaden Vazquez has found total acceptance as an out D1 college football player

Jaden Vazquez hasn’t heard a single negative comment since coming out. Now he wants to help other LGBTQ athletes.

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Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, and LGBTQ inclusion

There are a record number of out LGBTQ athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. We’ll cover all the news.

Olympian Sarka Pancochova got married in the mountains, complete with bourbon and a black bear

Sarka and Kaileen married in the Cascade Mountains, filled with love and laughs.

Olympic diver Jordan Windle writes children’s book with his gay dad

'An Orphan No More' tells the story of a father and an orphan who don't look the same. It's the story of Jerry and Jordan Windle.

Olympic marathoner Aoife Cooke is out and representing Ireland in Tokyo

Aoife Cooke competed for Arkansas Tech. Now she will rep Ireland as an out athlete at the Olympics.

Where are the out male Olympians?

The dearth of out LGBTQ men competing in Tokyo shows how far male sports still have to go.

Out LGBTQ women outnumber out men at the Tokyo Olympics by about 9-to-1. Why?

Why are there relatively few out men at the Tokyo Olympics? We explore the reasons.

This gay athlete and advocate has a rare bone infection, and he needs your help to survive

Eric Lueshen has advocated for LGBTQ athletes for years, and now he needs the community’s help.

Raven Saunders came out to her mom in 3rd grade. Now she’s at the Olympics

Raven Saunders will contend for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics as an out and proud athlete.

This LGBTQ Olympic athlete is an advocate in Poland hoping to marry her girlfriend

Aleksandra Jarmolińska could win an Olympic medal for a country that won’t recognize her marriage.

Nick Wagman, headed to Tokyo Olympics, talks for the first time about being a married gay athlete

Nick Wagman found refuge riding horses and growing up gay. Now he’s headed to the Olympics an out gay man.

These 2 Olympic softball players are engaged to marry. They will play against each other in Tokyo, July 23

Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester are in love, at the top of their games, and they both want an Olympic gold medal.

2 LGBTQ skateboarders add diversity to US Olympic Team

Alexis Sablone is queer and Alana Smith is bisexual. They’ll compete for Team USA in the sport’s first Olympic appearance.

Bisexual sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson outrageously suspended 1 month after positive marijuana test

Richardson could now miss the Olympics.

I’m gay: Director of Wisconsin men’s basketball operations comes out

Marc VandeWettering has thrived with the Badgers’ basketball team by being himself. He wants other LGBTQ people in sports to feel comfortable enough to come out.

Carl Nassib will never have to prove he’s ‘good enough.’ He already has.

By waiting until he was an established player before coming out as gay, Nassib ensured he will have a legacy on the field.

Emma Twigg will compete in her 4th Olympic Games, but her 1st as an out athlete

When Emma Twigg married, she became present with the importance of returning to the Olympics as an out athlete.

WWE pro wrestler Toni Storm comes out as bisexual

The former NXT UK Women’s champion is "bi and it feels good to say it."

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We should care about Carl Nassib because he might have saved a life

Given the suicide rate of LGBTQ people, Carl Nassib sharing his truth can inspire others to live their truth.

The NFL has been ‘ready’ for a gay player for years. Now we’ll all see that’s true.

The NFL has been ready for a gay player for years, yet too many people have simply refused to see it.

Three Olympic figure skaters come out — 2 gay men and 1 queer woman

Three figure skaters, American Jason Brown and Canadians Paul Poirier and Kaitlyn Weaver, came out as gay and queer for Pride Month.

Kayla Miracle is the first out LGBTQ Olympic wrestler, and she’s headed to Tokyo

Kayla Miracle has dreamed of representing Team USA an Olympian since she was 4. She’ll fulfill that dream in Tokyo.

These gay college track stars are best friends and champions

Dawson LaRance and Kamal Craig-Golaube are thriving at Colorado State.

Aguilar and Grant discuss building a relationship during pandemic times

Despite Aguilar contracting COVID-19, the MMA fighter and actress have emerged as an exemplary couple.

Openly gay Coast Guard runner sets school record in track meet

Josiah Davis says he became a better athlete after coming out as gay. Setting the Coast Guard record in the 800 meters shows that is true.

Seimone Augustus, one of the greatest out athletes of all time, has retired

As an out athlete almost the entire time, Seimone Augustus inspired many with her accomplishments.

All the gay news you missed from this weekend’s WoSo championships

Portland, Chelsea, and Barcelona all won big over the weekend.