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Pro wrestler Max Zero comes out as pansexual on Pansexual Visibility Day

Zero highlighted Pansexual Visibility Day by sharing a part of himself publicly for the first time.

Out pro wrestler Connelly finds solace in pro wrestling

"Mad Dog" Connelly infused his mental health struggles into his character as a way to own them, and he hopes it starts a similar conversation for those who watch him.

Out pro wrestling creator J-Rose thrives on helping others ‘get where they want to get’

Through his work with Paradigm Pro Wrestling and creating No Hook, J-Rose uses his voice and mind to help build up his peers.

MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 was a pro wrestling baptism

From pansexual Pride to championship victories to displays of defiant spirits, all involved in MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3 came up out the water anew.

A new team, a new series, and a strong start for Charlie Martin

Along with teammate Jack Fabby, the pioneering endurance racer ran first and second in the Britcar Endurance Series opener at Silverstone.

Pro wrestler Donnie Janela comes out as pansexual

New South Pro Wrestling standout ‘Kung Fu’ Donnie Janela becomes the latest in a growing list of out LGBTQ pro wrestlers.

Pro wrestler Aiden Aggro comes out as pansexual

The ‘Biracial Bae’ and Maine State Posse member came out publicly Thursday morning.

Trio of pro wrestling figures come out as LGBTQ

WWE broadcaster Kayla Braxton and independent pro wrestlers Logan Black and Connolly came out as LGBTQ this week.

Out pro wrestler Don’t Die Miles evolved out of a need for self-definition

Pro wrestling’s beacon of positivity took hold of his narrative last year by dropping a persona the made him ‘miserable’ and coming out publicly as pansexual.