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Here are 15 inspiring Asian and Asian-American LGBTQ athletes who have come out publicly

There are still relatively few high-profile Asian and Asian-American athletes who have come out.

Outsports 2016 swimsuit issue for gay men

A take on the Sports Illustrated version, but ours features actual athletes.

Outsports 2015 All-Hot NFL team

Our choices for the choicest eye candy in the league this season.

Calendar features young, fit, naked men on beach

"Ripped and Stripped" lives up to its title.

Christian McCaffrey would win Heisman for hotness

The Stanford star would top our poll if we had a vote.

Hottest players in Major League Baseball playoffs

There's a lot to choose from among the eight teams.

2015 NFL All-Hot Fantasy Football team

Vote for your choice between the Dreamy Dudes and the Fine Footballers. Hard to go wrong with either.

Guys in Speedos: 2015 world swimming, water polo

Showing their stuff at the world championships in Russia.

Men of the mat: 2015 Pan Am gymnastics

The guys show their stuff in Toronto.

Gallery: All wet for Memorial Day

To get you in the mood for the start of the summer season, check out these dudes in the pool.

2 gay athletes a couple at high school senior prom

Michael Martin and Logan Westrope danced to 'Stay With Me' on a night to remember. 'When the slow songs played, we would just stare into each other's eyes.'

Gay alternative to SI swimsuit issue

The 2015 Outsports alternative to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue features nothing but dudes.

Hot shots: Aussie Rules Football recovery session

U.S. sports teams need to start this tradition.

Hot shots: World swimming championships

The guys show their stuff in Qatar.

Hot shots: Kaepernick's abs, Gabbert's butt

Hard not to like these photos from the San Francisco 49ers locker room.

2014 U.S. men's gymnastics championships

Gay Games swimming photos

Warwick naked rowers back with 2015 calendar

The English lads set up a crowd-fund campaign for latest effort, which helps fight homophobia in sports.

Photos of the week

Gallery: World Cup bromance

The men on the pitch can't get enough of each other.

For the love of the game: Soccer players kiss

Players on the pitch have no problem smooching.

One fan's 180 hottest World Cup players

Exhaustive list has plenty for everyone from the 32 countries.

Photos of the week

Mercer basketball has a bunch of hotties

2014 Outsports swimsuit issue

Two can play that game, Sports Illustrated. Here is Outsports' take on the "swimsuit" genre.

Winter Olympians in artistic poses

Olympics: We love jocks with flowers

Photos of the week

Favorite photos of 2013

Photos of the week

Every Saturday Halloween for college football fans

World Series battle of the beards


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