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Nike, Bud Light sign trans TikTok celeb and piss off transphobes in sports

The backlash against Dylan Mulvaney isn’t ‘anti-woke,’ it’s basic anti-LGBTQ panic

Gus Kenworthy’s gay kiss scene was cut from new Tom Brady movie

The out Olympic heartthrob thinks his kiss was cut to placate Middle America.

This Olympic swimmer shared his emotional coming out story on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Alex Di Giorgio and his partner made history as the first pair of out gay men in the show’s history.

How this queer diver’s viral TikTok made NASCAR gayer than ever

Griffin Maxwell Brooks wanted to "yassify" NASCAR. Introducing: YASCAR.

Baseball player who inspired ‘A League of Their Own’ publicly comes out at 95 

Maybelle Blair wants young gay athletes to know they "don’t have to hide."

Colton Underwood reflects on his life as a closeted NFL prospect in new series

"Coming Out Colton" covers Underwood’s checkered history and complicated journey as an out gay man.

How this gay champion gymnast helped start the #FreeBritney movement

Jordan Miller was one of the first people who rallied to try and free Britney Spears from her conservatorship.

Natasha Cloud, Anya Packer and Matt Lynch give Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ some LGBTQ flair

Cloud, Packer and Lynch were honored for their advocacy in multiple cultural causes.

Increased LGBTQ representation in gaming is only part of the push for progress

It’s a double-edged buster sword.

Mitch Harrison’s journey made him ready for his ‘Titan’ moment

Mitch Harrison, the Titan Games’ first trans competitor, is no stranger to big stages. He gave an extended interview to Outsports.

“A Secret Love” review: Heartwarming Netflix doc tells lesbian romance through eyes of family

The love story of Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel is told through the eyes of Donahue’s family, even though the couple thrived in their queer community long before coming out.

Why Jeff Goldblum’s comments about Islam on ‘Drag Race’ were problematic

Queer Muslim writer Samer Hassan says Goldblum’s question about Islam being anti-LGBT perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

Out Eagles cheerleader Kyle Tanguay is living his ‘American Idol’ dream

The first male Eagles cheerleader in 40 years made his long-awaited "American Idol" debut Sunday.

The highest-paid athlete of all time

The Wishing Well: Secrets among men

Male body image same for gays, straights


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