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Referees, officials and umpires from all sports.

NCAA D1 football official Scott Bova inspired by others to come out as gay

Bova has been accepted as a gay man amongst officials, and he wants other gay officials to feel the same.

FIFA referee Igor Benevenuto comes out as gay months before the World Cup

Benevenuto is a video match official in Brazil.

Umpires in Dodgers-Giants game wear Pride hats, likely a first for pro sports

Every person participating on the field at the Giants’ Pride Day - players, coaches and umpires - wore a Pride insignia on their cap.

USFL kicks off with coordinator of officials and umpire who are both out

Steve Strimling and Amanda Sauer represent the community in the USFL.

Steve Strimling will officiate a National Semifinal, the first out gay referee to do so

Strimling will be the referee for the Cotton Bowl when Cincinnati plays Alabama on ESPN.

This gay referee just worked an American Hockey League game, a first for the league

Dre Barone came out in 2015 and continues to be promoted in the sport of ice hockey.

Frank Rossi is a face of D3 football. Oh, and he happens to be gay, too

Rossi has been committed for 25 years to elevating the voices of people in football who don’t get the attention they deserve.

Pro soccer referee comes out after gay slur used during championship match

Tom Harald Hagen is a FIFA referee. He says it’s time to get gay slurs out of the sport.