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World champion Lauren Rowles speaks up for ‘scared’ LGBTQ athletes after award win

The two-time Paralympic gold medal-winning rower gave a powerful speech in support of visibility, having been voted as the PinkNews Sports Personality of the Year.

Robbie Manson hopes his path to Paris Olympics inspires more gay athletes

New Zealand rower talks exclusively to Outsports about his fourth Games qualification, being on OnlyFans, and LGBTQ visibility; NZ’s Emma Twigg also heading to Paris 2024.

Gay rowing coach’s coming out journey climaxes in his engagement

It took Iowa assistant coach Lowell McNicholas a while to be comfortable with telling his coming out story. Now he’s posting engagement photos on social media.

Gay Olympic rower Robbie Manson explains why he’s creating content on OnlyFans

As Manson pursues the 2024 Olympics, he sees OnlyFans as ‘a space where I can authentically express myself through tasteful and artistic means’ and make money for training.

This gay coxswain is No. 2 in Germany, and gunning for the Olympics

Till Martini is one of the best young rowers in Germany, and he wants to show other athletes there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

Out Rower Moran Samuel wins first silver medal in her third Paralympics

After earning a bronze in Rio 2016, Samuel does herself one better to take home a single sculls silver medal in Tokyo.

Laura Goodkind preaches self-affirmation to non-binary and neutral audiences at Tokyo Paralympics

American rower Laura Goodkind wants others to know they can "transcend labels and situations." Their presence at the Paralympics embodies that message.

Out para rowing champion Moran Samuel named flag bearer for Israel in Tokyo

A bronze medalist at Rio in 2016, Samuel looks to add a gold to an already golden life at upcoming Paralympics.

Emma Twigg finally wins gold in her 4th Olympics, sets an Olympic record

After finishing in 4th place in 2012 and 2016, Twigg is now out and proud and an Olympic champion.

Male rowers now wear loose pants at medal ceremonies after 2012 bulge pics went viral

Rowers’ revealing uniforms generated plenty of chatter during the 2012 London Olympics.

When Olympic rower Katarzyna Zillmann won a medal, she grabbed a mic and came out

Katarzyna Zillmann came out officially just moments after winning a silver medal with her Polish rowing team.

Emma Twigg will compete in her 4th Olympic Games, but her 1st as an out athlete

When Emma Twigg married, she became present with the importance of returning to the Olympics as an out athlete.

Gay rower was part of secret LGBTQ military network during Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

John Olbrys is now living openly as an officer in the Coast Guard, continuing to row and now finding love.

This queer college rower wanted to find the LGBT athletes at her school, so she started her own club

Megan Duthart founded Washington State University’s Cougar Pride Student-Athlete Alliance, and it’s already attracted another queer rower to campus.

This week’s LGBT Sports winners and losers capital of the world

It was a lousy week for 2 guys who talk for a living and other big stories of the past 7 days.

Julian Venonsky has never been in the closet on the US Rowing team

Julian Venonsky was out at Cal, capping his career with a national title. Now he’s taking aim at the Olympics.

Gay Olympic rower aims to fight injustice: ‘Sport is a vehicle to shine a light’

Emma Twigg of New Zealand says her sexuality has never been a focus of her rowing career but now she’s ready to advocate for LGBT athletes.

This gay college rowing coach has had 9 athletes come out to him

Imran Malik, who coaches the rowing team at Arizona State University, says he feels a special bond with his athletes.

Bisexual Cal and Olympic rower Maarten Hurkmans shares a Pride message

Maarten Hurkmans has already qualified for the Olympics and he will do it as an out athlete.

Paralympian Angela Madsen dies trying to cross the Pacific Ocean

Madsen won a Paralympic bronze medal and competed in various sports in the Paralympic Games.

Robbie Manson is delaying retirement to aim for the 2021 Summer Olympics

Robbie Manson talks about meeting a gay athlete at the 2012 Olympics and the impact that had on him.

Olympic rower Robbie Manson battles monotony as his dream is deferred a year

Robbie Manson had dreams of winning an Olympic medal, but now must train alone and keep fit and sharp with the Games postponed.

Newly-rebranded Warwick Rowers help make quarantine more endurable

Now known as Worldwide Roar, the WR provide needed entertainment through their newsletter and social media. And pics. Lots of pics.

For British rower Kyra Edwards, being a source of representation is ‘an important message’

The 2020 Olympic hopeful takes pride in ‘being part of something bigger than myself’ for LGBTQ and black communities.

Out lesbian rower Angela Madsen to make solo assault on Pacific Ocean

American paralympian Angela Madsen seeks to be first paraplegic to row unaided across the Pacific

Gay Belgian rower launches Instagram campaign to aid acceptance of LGBTQ athletes

Simon Haerinck’s Same Sport, Different Sexuality takes social media by storm with photos emphasizing the bond between gay and straight rowers.

15 LGBTQ sports films where #LoveIsLove

These LGBTQ sports films examine queerness and athletics issue through historic and fictional lenses.

Robbie Manson qualifies for world rowing championships

The openly gay New Zealand rower continues his hot streak.

Gay athletes win titles on the track and on the water

It’s been a great summer so far for Robbie Manson and Tom Bosworth.

This stream has:

The 2017 Outsports Awards

Who stood out this year in the the world of LGBTQ sports?

Outsports Male Athlete of the Year: Robbie Manson

The New Zealand rower had a breakout year.

Russia has banned this straight-athlete calendar as ‘gay propaganda’

The sight of men’s bodies is just way too gay for Russia.


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