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This is why posting Olympic athletes’ Grindr profiles is so disturbing

TikTok and Twitter users exposed Olympic athletes this week, shattering an important safe space for LGBTQ people.

Organizers want Olympic athletes to not hook up. Good luck with that

Tokyo organizers are trying to hold a sexless Olympics, but an abstinence-only approach is bound to fail.

This gay surfer started an OnlyFans page to feel sexy, and it’s working

Nick Vallejo finds inner-peace in the ocean and confidence in front of the camera.

This gay former college volleyball player is thriving on OnlyFans

Chance Wheeler says he’s gained self-confidence and purpose since opening his OnlyFans page.

Mom, what’s a lesbian? World Cup winners spark questions from kids

An Ohio newspaper called this "a good entry point for conversation." And we agree.

Gay former NFL prospect launches STI home-testing service

Brad Thorson’s Kalamos Care box wants to combat the rising rates of sexually transmitted infections.

Caster Semenya is ‘unquestionably a woman,’ yet she’s not competing as one

The IAAF and the South African middle distance runner are headed to court because of her dominant performance.

Adam Rippon needs a Xanax, a drink and better Olympic condoms

Rippon still has a few days before his competition is over.

Soccer club fires four players for filming ‘gay sex’ video in the locker room

Video leaked of three players masturbating together.

Soccer fans unfurled this graphic gay-oral-sex banner at a recent match

The team faces fines as fans defend their homophobia.

Straight media needs to leave Tom Daley and his sex life alone

Gay men have sex. Get over it.

Clemson football players show how ‘gay’ straight-male athletes really can be

‘None of those players care’ if you’re grabbing their genitals.

NFL tight end: We wear short sleeves to be sexy

Martellus Bennett is too sexy for your sleeves.

Podcast: The language of athletes and fans in and around sports

Athletes talk about lots of things in the locker room, including crass sex talk

Olympics give each athlete 42 condoms. Yay fun!

With almost a half-million condoms available to the Olympic athletes, the condoms allotted would stretch from Boston to Provincetown. Celebrate with a condom!

MMA is gay porn for straight guys

New York Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell pointed out what we've all been thinking for years: Straight guys love gay porn. Dude.