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Sochi Winter Olympics quick hits

Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy will compete for Great Britain, not Team USA

British-born American Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy told SkySports he’s formally signed with Great Britain in hopes of competing in the 2022 Winter Games.

Human rights court orders Russia to pay damages to sports equality group

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay Sochi Pride House and 2 other LGBTQ nonprofit groups rejected under its anti-gay "propaganda" law.

Olympic champ: IOC isn't doing enough for gays

Anja Paerson is one of the most decorated international gay athletes of all time. Now she takes aim at the International Olympic Committee that isn't doing enough for LGBTI athletes.

Winter Olympians in artistic poses

U.S. men's skaters a long shot for medals

This is not a strong American team. Who's hot and not and medal predictions for Sochi.

Norwegian speedskater shows off his giant flame

Håvard Bøkko shows us what he's got.

Behind the fireworks: Politics of opening ceremony

As Sochi's opening ceremonies filled the night with fireworks and historical pageantry, and Russia was on parade wearing what Vladimir Putin calls its "new face," various human-rights battles were continuing spookily behind the show biz.

Must-watch video: The life of Olympian Cheryl Maas

Watch the great video about the home and professional life of Winter Olympian Cheryl Maas.

Greece did not wear rainbow gloves in protest

The gloves were the colors of the Olympic rings, not the gay rainbow flag.

Putin's Games poorly prepared?

Vladimir Putin wanted to showcase Russia's excellence at these Winter Olympics. So far, he has.

Olympics figure skating to debut team competition

Watch the gayest Winter Olympics ad

7 out LGBT Winter Olympians in Sochi

So far we have seven out Winter Olympians, all women. There are no out Americans.

Does Putin approve of Sochi's 2-man toilets?

Watch the Olympics guilt-free

Remote Pride Houses and Uprising Of Love offer the opportunity during the Opening Ceremony to give back to the community -- and donate to LGBT groups in Russia -- while respecting the athletes we want to stand up for us.

Lesbian Olympian 'willing to rip on [Putin's] ass'