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speed skating

Conor McDermott-Mostowy wins three medals at US National Championships

The out gay speed skater will again be part of Team USA this season.

Brittany Bowe, who gave Olympic spot to Erin Jackson, added back to 500m field after all

Bowe had qualified for the Olympic 500-meter. Jackson, a gold-medal favorite, did not. Now they will both compete in the event.

Brittany Bowe wins a spot in her third Olympics, the 1st out American in the 2022 Games

Brittany Bowe is hoping to add to the bronze medal she won in the 2018 Olympics.

Brittany Bowe racking up World Cup medals headed into her third Olympic Games

Brittany Bowe has two golds and a silver in World Cup races as the out athlete aims for more Olympic medals.

Conor McDermott-Mostowy just won 2 US Championships. Now he’s coming out as gay.

McDermott-Mostowy competed for Team USA at the World Championships. He’s found acceptance in speed skating.

Speed skater Matt Rittenhouse was a gay athlete representing the USA

Matt Rittenhouse had negative coming-out experiences, before finding acceptance in his sport.

30 Moments of Pride: Bisexual Ireen Wüst wins 5 medals at the Sochi Olympics

The bisexual Dutch speed skater took home more medals than any other athlete at the Sochi games. And she did it in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Out Olympians mixed on visiting White House with Team USA today

Two gay Olympians skipped the White House visit, while one attended.

Brittany Bowe nominated for top American female athlete at the Olympics

Bowe had four top-five finishes en route to a bronze medal.

Ireen Wust ends historic Winter Olympics as Dutch flag bearer

Wuest is the most decorated speed skater, and out LGBTQ Olympian, of all time.

Brittany Bowe and Team USA win Olympic medal in her final race

It’s the first Olympic medal for the American women since 2002.

Brittany Bowe gets fifth in the 500-meter

The speed skater has helped Team USA advance to the team pursuit semifinals.

Brittany Bowe finishes fourth in the women’s 1,000-meter

The out American has two top-five finishes but no medals.

Two out women scored top-6 finishes in the Winter Olympics on Monday

Brittany Bowe and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz just missed out on medals.

Meet out American Olympian Brittany Bowe

The speed skater is Team USA’s only publicly out LGBTQ woman.

Blake Skjellerup hits World Skating Championships in England