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Straight Allies

Gay Belgian rower launches Instagram campaign to aid acceptance of LGBTQ athletes

Simon Haerinck’s Same Sport, Different Sexuality takes social media by storm with photos emphasizing the bond between gay and straight rowers.

Straight couple who met in gay flag football league profiled in iconic LGBT newspaper’s Sports Issue

This meet-cute is one of many stories featured in the Washington Blade’s annual Sports Issue.

It’s time to leave Odell Beckham Jr. the hell alone

The circular speculation that Beckham is gay does no one any good and is, at this point, desperately unfair to OBJ.

Gus Kenworthy teams up with All-Star Pete Alonso to Shred Hate on the internet

The Olympic medalist and surefire Rookie of the Year become the public faces of a new initiative to defeat cyberbullying.

Straight athlete blasts homophobia in soccer: ‘We have a lot to learn from women players’

Sweden’s Albin Ekdal is straight and says it’s time to change soccer so closeted gay players feel comfortable coming out.

Canucks goalie Anders Nilsson rips homophobic culture of hockey

Some straight talk from a straight ally.

This former NHL player entered and won a drag competition for Pride

Georges Laraque made quite a statement in a white dress.

Russia has banned this straight-athlete calendar as ‘gay propaganda’

The sight of men’s bodies is just way too gay for Russia.

Fantasy football 2017: Week 2 start/sit advice for Team Outsports Equality

Here's our weekly fantasy starting lineup of NFL players who have expressed support for LGBT equality.

Manchester United, Arsenal soccer clubs support Come Out for LGBT campaign

Public awareness effort kicks off in Britain.

‘Don’t be afraid,’ NHL’s Aaron Ekblad tells gay athletes

Florida Panthers defenseman says sports environment more accepting.

Former AFL coach says gays ‘don't do the crap that heterosexuals do’

Kevin Sheedy thinks gays are ‘beautiful.’

This top NHL Draft prospect loves celebrating his two moms

Jaret Anderson-Dolan should be drafted by the NHL this June.

Straight athlete wears rainbow flag on shoe at World Championship

Iceland’s Gudjon Valur champions inclusion.

Swedish rallycross driver paints car rainbow

Viktor Johansson was just trying to support his gay friends when he lost a sponsor for painting his car rainbow.

Charles Barkley: NBA should move the All-Star game

Charles Barkley lays it out pretty clearly: If you're against discrimination, you can't stand with discrimination.

Broncos kicker takes a stand against bullying

His group is reaching out to young people who have been bullied, including LGBT people.

OU's Eric Striker big supporter of gay rights

Striker and cornerback Zack Sanchez have spoken out against LGBT discrimination.

Pro skier wants sport to embrace gay athletes

"On the hill we are all one community." He is thrilled his friend Gus Kenworthy came out and clarifies some social media comments he made.

Ben Cohen releases book on bullying

Ben Cohen, the former professional rugby player, will release his first book to help young people deal with bullying and educate adults on the issue.

Peter King's lesbian daughter thanks him for love

Peter King wrote a column earlier this month supporting his lesbian daughter's recent marriage to her wife, Kim. Now for Father's Day, Laura King thanks her father for his public and private "love and support."

Christians need to love gays, Giants pitcher says

"Gay people are asking for equal rights under the law, and we’ve got Christians saying 'God hates you.' " the reliever writes in a blog post.

'Faggot' yelled at Aussie rugby match, player says

League fines player $20,000 after complaint by David Pocock, longtime gay rights supporter.

OU's Eric Striker: Gay friend changed my life

His Snapchat condemning a fraternity's racism went viral, and he links gays as part of rights struggle.

NHL stars make great pro-gay comments

"It's great to see progress like that," Toews said.

Arsenal's cool video on homophobia in soccer

Players team up for campaign the same week soccer reporter comes out as gay.

Pitcher Brandon McCarthy takes on Dungy on gays

CFL partners with You Can Play

The partnership between the CFL and You Can Play will help bring a message of gay inclusion to coaches and athletes in the league.

Canadian Olympians, pro athletes at World Pride

Elite athletes from across Canada will turn out in Toronto this weekend to support LGBT sports participants and gay athletes at World Pride - includes Raptors, Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Furies, Argos and more.

SEC gives award to Missouri football

The way the team handled and embraced Michael Sam's coming out as gay last season earned the Missouri Tigers football team respect from SEC athletic directors.

Barry Alvarez & Wisconsin: 'You Can Play'

Administrators, coaches and athletes in Madison gather to send a message of support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in sports.

Gay Aussie athletes get support from pro sports

Stars from all of the top Australian pro sports leagues create a You Can Play video, as the heads of all the leagues unite for a joint press conference in support of gay athletes.


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