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Straight Sports from the Gays

LGBT people have strong perspectives about mainstream sports too. This is where you'll find them.

This Alaska woman will have best Super Bowl view

Kristen Williams from Alaska will wake up Super Bowl Sunday with some friends looking out over the field, thanks to her super suite at Levi's Stadium.

Bengals, Vikings uphold legacy of playoff futilty

Wild card weekend was certainly wild, but for fans of Cincinnati and Minnesota it was the same old depressing result. Plus, divisional round picks and hot player of the week.

Manning's injury came at perfect time for Broncos

He needs time to heal and Denver gets to see if it has the quarterback of the future as the playoffs loom.

Referees mess up key call at end of Lions-Seahawks

The fumble by Calvin Johnson near the goal line cost the Detroit Lions a win, and the referees missed an illegal bat by Seattle's K.J. Wright in the end zone that sealed the deal.

Tom Brady has been really good with proper balls

In the last 10 quarters of play, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been superb passing the ball with highly scrutinized and properly inflated footballs.

Roger Goodell is the NFL's 'fall guy'

Roger Goodell has become the 'fall guy,' the shield, for the NFL and its owners. And that's just how they like it.

Belichick's curious non-defense of Tom Brady

The Patriots coach has stayed silent as his quarterback is labeled a cheater.

Why Belichick sees Brady suspension as opportunity

Any time Brady misses gives the coach a chance to see if Jimmy Garoppolo has the right stuff to be the successor.

NFL 50-yard markers to be gold next season

Gold will be all over the NFL next season as part of the League's build-up to Super Bowl 50.

NFL's clarification of a "catch" is a good thing

The NFL clarified its definition of a "catch," making it clear that Dez Bryant didn't make one.

Great moments in chairs

Great NCAA moment as injured Georgia State coach watches son hit game winner.

Five reasons March is the best month for sports

High school boys basketball coach Anthony Nicodemo loves march more than any other as a fan. Former college basketball player Derek Schell couldn't agree more. It's not hard to see why.

The Super Bowl TV rating was really, really high

The largest Super Bowl TV rating ever was the result of the New England Patriots' dramatic win over the Seattle Seahawks.

7 bonehead decisions that rival Seahawks

Think the decision not to run Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl was bad? Here are some other doozies.

In 2012, Sherman made Brady one mad bro

Richard Sherman chased down Tom Brady after the Seahawks beat the Patriots in 2012.

This stream has:

Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots v. Seahawks

All you need to know about the Seahawks, Patriots, Tom Brady's balls, porn stars, the hotties, puppies and kittens, and the game itself.

Five pressing Deflategate questions

The New England Patriots allegedly deflated balls for their AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. These are the five questions we need to ask in assessing the damage.

Butts and crotches make for a sexy Super Bowl

It might be the best reason to watch Super Bowl 49 between the Patriots and Seahawks.

Featured Fanshot

Watch Johnny Manziel go from Richard Simmons to football player in 2.4 seconds

Johnny Manziel was in a Snickers commercial in August. Somehow we missed it. Oh Johnny...

Sad to say, but Peyton Manning needs to retire

His championship window has closed and he needs to realize it's time to call it quits.

Easier to hate Ohio State

At the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State Buckeyes fans left a lasting memory in my mind that I haven't shaken since. It didn't make them look very good.

Super Bowl or O'Bust: Brady playing for his job

Tom Brady has melted hearts for years, but if the New England Patriots lose to the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, "The Patriot Way" mandates they break Brady's heart.

Straight sports from the gays returns to Outsports

Outsports will return to its roots, writing more about mainstream sports while also providing plenty of LGBT sports news. We invite you to join us with your perspectives!

You think it's the refs' fault. But you're wrong.

I used to be like today's Lions fans, blaming the officials when "my team" lost. Now that I'm a football official myself, I understand it's a lot harder than everybody thinks.

Jim Rome pummeled after band 'dorks' tweet

The sports radio hosts deletes his tweet and apologizes but not after getting pummeled on social media.

Aaron Rodgers' favorite nine inches

The St. Paul Pioneer Press had some fun playing with double entendres and Aaron Rodgers' nine inches.

Patriots vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl from Hell

There are no more obnoxious, unlikeable teams in the NFL, but they are the favorites in each conference. Plus, wild card picks and hot player of the week.

Tom Brady's last stand

While the Patriots' offensive woes aren't all on Tom Brady, his $1 million replacement will get his shot sooner than you think.