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Summer Reads

This summer, catch up with the most provocative, moving and inspiring stories on Outsports in the past year.

Video: Gay pro bowler Scott Norton & his husband

We visit Scott and his partner, Craig Woodward, at their home and find a deeply loving married couple

Wade Davis Comes Out As Gay

Minor League Baseball Player Comes Out

Liz Carmouche An Openly Gay UFC Fighter

Fabulous Life Of Openly Gay College Swimmer

USC swimmer Sean Mulroy may wear custom swimsuits dedicated to a drag queen and get his teammates hooked on brunch, but he takes his sport seriously.

This stream has:

Alan Gendreau, openly gay football kicker

Alan Gendreau was out to his team at Middle Tennessee State while setting Sun Belt Conference records. Now he wants a shot at playing in the NFL.

The meaning of Jason Collins' coming out

The kids today will never know a world without an openly gay male pro athlete

Becoming A Man: A Gay Athlete's Journey

Jarred Kennedy-Loving overcame 22 foster homes to become a successful gay runner at Bowdoin College in Maine, where he explores his racial and gender roles in a 'laxbro' culture.