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This gay Mexican surfer used Hula-Hooping to start his new life

When Adan Carano found himself stranded in a Mexican resort town, he picked up his surfboard and hoop.

This gay surfer started an OnlyFans page to feel sexy, and it’s working

Nick Vallejo finds inner-peace in the ocean and confidence in front of the camera.

Bi surfer Tyler Wright adopts Pride jersey, triumphs in Maui Pro tourney

After coming out following a 14 month battle with illness, Wright dominates the surf representing the LGBTQ community.

9 LGBTQ sports documentaries that’ll leave you breathless

These LGBTQ sports documentaries range from body building and surfing to figuring skating and rodeo.

Surfer Keala Kennelly proud to be openly gay world champion

Surfer Keala Kennelly is openly gay and now a world champion

Out gay pro surfer says she is ‘perfectly fine the way I am’

Keala Kennelly says sponsors dropped her after she came out.

Surfer, believed to be China’s first openly gay athlete, to attend Gay Games

‘We have the right to choose love and to be loved,’ he says.