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team usa

Team USA softball star Haylie McCleney comes out as gay: ‘I’m over-the-moon happy’

McCleney, who hails from small-town Alabama, says she feels more loved by God than ever.

Diana Taurasi tells Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe her next dream is to own a team

The latest edition of "A Touch More" was chat show gold.

U.S. Soccer says USWNT don’t deserve equal pay because they’re less skilled than men

The U.S. Soccer Federation has resorted to belittling its own women’s national team in court.

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird star in HBO’s “The Shop”

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird were featured in an episode of "The Shop: Uninterrupted."

Out lesbian rower Angela Madsen to make solo assault on Pacific Ocean

American paralympian Angela Madsen seeks to be first paraplegic to row unaided across the Pacific

Out race walker Matthew Forgues moves step closer to qualifying for 2020 Olympics and poses with Pride flag

Matthew Forgues finished in a strong second place at the U.S. Olympics trials and got to do it with his husband cheering him on.

Chris Mosier makes history at Olympic trials, calling it ‘incredible and heartbreaking’

Out trans All-American duathlete, Hall of Fame triathlete and now race walker Chris Mosier was unable to finish his historic Olympic trial. He vows, "this isn’t the end."

USWNT featured in patriotic Budweiser Super Bowl ad

The USWNT is featured in Budweiser’s patriotic "Typical Americans" Super Bowl ad.

Powerlifted: Sports stars stand with JayCee Cooper

Megan Rapinoe is among those showing support for this trans woman’s quest to compete.

Trans goalie Athena Del Rosario and Team USA take on the world in beach handball

Trans goalie Athena Del Rosario made her debut overseas with Team USA, taking part in beach handball friendlies in Greece.

So much for security