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Erica Bougard focused on winning a heptathlon medal in Tokyo for Team USA

Two years ago her rainbow shoes made an international statement. In Tokyo she wants her times, jumps and throws to do the talking.

Team Canada’s Quinn makes Olympic history

The veteran midfielder became the first out non-binary transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Games.

With 8 out Olympians, Dutch women lead the LGBTQ soccer contingent

The numbers support my hypothesis that the Netherlands boasts the objectively gayest squad competing in the 2020 Olympics.

Softball pitcher Ally Carda turns to her partner for Olympic inspiration

Kelly Kretschman won an Olympic softball gold medal in 2004. Now she’s helping her partner Ally Carda prepare for the Tokyo Games.

No fans in stands adds to mental pressure facing Olympians in Tokyo

Due to a spike in coronavirus infections, fans will not be permitted in the stands during the Tokyo Games. This will only add to the pressure that every Olympic athlete faces.

Namibian Olympic sprinters blunted by World Athletics’ ‘Caster Semenya Rule’

The regulation on naturally occurring testosterone removes two phenoms from the 400-meter, draws a nation’s ire and sparks questions about fairness.

Tokyo Olympics

Stories about LGBTQ athletes from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Inclusion in sports is on a hot streak during Pride 2021, and this week was huge

From the ball fields and pitches, to the upcoming Olympics, courage is again proving to be contagious.

Diver Jordan Windle makes his gay dad proud by qualifying for the Olympics

Jerry Windle taught his son how to be a straight ally to the LGBTQ community. And now he’ll be cheering him on at the Tokyo Games.

Out swimmer Thomas Vanderbrook goes for it at U.S. Olympic Trials

Vanderbrook shared a powerful coming out story earlier this year and now hopes to make the U.S. Olympic team.

Trans BMXer Chelsea Wolfe named USA reserve athlete, will travel to the Olympics

Chelsea Wolfe makes history and will be a trans athlete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo as a reserve athlete.

Chelsea Wolfe 5th at World Championships, awaits possible Olympic bid

The trans BMX freestyler is in line to be an alternate for Tokyo and possibly the first out transgender athlete on a U.S. Olympic Team.

IWF insider: Trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is a go for Tokyo

The New Zealander would be the first transgender athlete to compete in an Olympic Games.

America’s new Olympic uniforms look the way yacht rock sounds

Ralph Lauren decides the image Team USA wants is ‘direct to VHS ski movie villains.’

Sheena Lawrick played in two Olympics. She’s talking for the first time about being gay

Sheena Lawrick was out at Nebraska and Team Canada. Now she’s married and raising a family, skipping Olympics No. 3.