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Lia Thomas swims to two wins in Penn-Harvard dual meet

After a quiet afternoon in Cambridge, uncertainty looms for Thomas as NCAA transgender policy shifts.

Outsports Assholes of the Year: People who intentionally misgender trans athletes

Willful misgendering. Deadnames in news articles. Professional transphobes are telling you who they are by weaponizing misgendering. Believe them.

Attendee ejected from AEW Dynamite for targeted transphobia toward Nyla Rose

The man, sitting front row on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite broadcast, held a transphobic sign targeted at Nyla Rose.

Kristi Noem’s latest anti-trans athlete proposal could backfire on her

Noem’s political theatre may collide with legal and sports reality.

Trans high school golfer suing Tennessee for the right to play his sport

Luc Esquivel is suing Tennessee to fight the states’ trans-student-athlete ban. He’s repped by the ACLU and Lambda Legal.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs restrictions on trans student-athletes into law

HB25 makes the state the 10th since last year to pass laws to limit participation

Former WWE pro wrestler Stallion Rogers dropped by multiple promotions, apologizes after transphobic comments resurface

Rogers’ transphobic comments and derisive remarks regarding the #SpeakingOut movement resurfaced on Friday.

No one transitions to win in sports. Period.

Myth making, policy making and never the twain should meet.

Olympics put fight for Japanese LGBTQ protections under microscope

Former Japanese national team fencer Fumino Sugiyama became the first trans Japan Olympic Committee board member and continues the fight alongside others.

Signing trans-athlete bans during Pride month adds cruelty to cruelty

Starting Pride month by restricting transgender athletes is spiking the ball in the face of the LGBTQ community.

USA Today op-ed attacking trans athletes is based on lies and slurs

The so-called Alliance Defending Freedom continues to spread its lies about trans athletes. It has to stop.

GLAAD spells out how trans athlete bans are bad for a state’s business

We already know trans athlete bans are harmful on a human rights level. And now they can hurt a state’s economy too.

The ban on this trans student-athlete in Idaho is up to the judges now

An inside look at Monday’s appeal hearing, which opened a week in which inclusion won two legislative fights, in Kansas and Louisiana.

West Virginia governor signed an anti-trans girls athlete bill just because

Jim Justice admits there are zero examples an anti-trans bill is supposed to stop, but he signed it anyway.

Florida legislature sneaks trans athlete ban through at 11th hour; DeSantis vows to sign it

After a transgender athlete ban initially failed to pass, Florida politicians tack one on to an unrelated bill at the last minute.

Author Julia Serano counters anti-transgender backlash with cautious optimism

The author of the iconic book on trans life, "Whipping Girl," beams up to The Trans Sporter Room podcast to discuss writing and the reality of being trans in 2021 America.

NordicTrack will no longer ask this transphobic question

When Erin Parisi’s NordicTrack treadmill asked her "Which is your biological sex?" the out trans athlete turned to Athlete Ally and Outsports for help.

UFC’s silence on Florida’s anti-trans sports bills is ‘deafening’

With UFC 261 taking place in Florida on April 24 in the shadow of the state’s push for anti-trans sports bills, the promotion remains quiet on the issue.

Arkansas Gov. defends veto of anti-trans bill amid Trump criticism, but his compassion has its limits

Asa Hutchinson called for compassion for trans youth on a national television appearance, but also stood behind signing a trans athlete ban.

Gay science expert and former powerlifter weighs-in on trans student-athlete debate

Justin Gibson (a.k.a. ‘Jangles ScienceLad’) has a master’s degree in biomechanics, experience as a trainer and the gift of gab. This week, he helped Outsports dispel the myths about trans athletes.

Mom of champion trans cyclist speaks out against ‘hysteria’ about her daughter

Emily Bridges, who came out as transgender six months ago, is facing slanderous attacks from anti-trans activists.

Cycling club supports trans community by withdrawing from Arkansas championship

By pulling out of Fayetteville-based championships, the Revolution Cycles Club sets a sterling example for the rest of the sports world.

Cisgender athlete advocates vs. trans inclusion activists, with girls caught in the middle

For the past two months, Outsports has been investigating claims by the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group and counter-claims by advocates for trans inclusion. Here’s what we found.

Who signed GLAAD’s letter in support of trans girls and women?

More than 465 superstars and everyday feminists added their names to the letter objecting to the targeting of trans women and girls.

We are visibly human: An essay for TDoV

On this Trans Day of Visibility, let's resolve to stop spreading the "tall tales" of transphobia.

We’re celebrating trans sports heroes on this TDoV

Outsports, in partnership with NCLR, introduced a new series of awards to pay tribute to transgender athletes, coaches and others working to give every trans competitor a chance to fulfill their dream.

Watch a conversation on inclusion in sports with trans, lesbian and straight athletes

The Sports Equality Foundation hosted a discussion of inclusion on TIkTok with trans athletes Mack Beggs, CeCé Telfer and Chris Mosier as well as lesbian former pro volleyball player Brooke Rundle and elite biathlete and straight ally Lucy Hochschartner.

South Dakota’s governor bans trans student-athletes with executive orders after defeat of bill

The GOP-controlled State House of Representatives failed to overturn Gov. Kristi Noem’s transgender sports veto. So she got out her pen and wrote an E.O. for what she wanted.

Volleyball trailblazer Tiffany Abreu is our pro athlete Triumph Award winner

The Triumph Awards, in partnership with NCLR, honor pro volleyball pioneer Tifanny Abreu. The first transgender player in Brazil’s Superliga is a winner on the floor and a force for the community off of it.

Raquel Willis and Jennifer L. Levi inspire us as Crusaders: They’re co-winners of this Triumph Award

The Crusaders Triumph Award, in partnership with NCLR, honors those working on behalf of trans people in sports for their achievements, their ability to inspire and contributing to the world of LGBTQ visibility and equality.

These boisterous, increasingly visible trans pro wrestling Ringleaders deserve their flowers

The Ringleaders Triumph award, in partnership with NCLR, honor trans wrestlers, promoters and those working on behalf of trans people for their achievements, inspiration and contributions to the LGBTQ sports world.

The Outsports Triumph Award for journalism goes to Katelyn Burns

These new awards, in partnership with NCLR, honor transgender athletes as well as other trans people involved in sports, including this journalist.


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