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Asian Games controversy shows anti-trans bias in sports has legs, even after a ban

A losing athlete claims a competitor is trans, then apologizes for her mistake.

Chess trans ban takes effect to global criticism

Four western governing bodies say they will ignore the ban on transgender women playing elite women’s chess.

Banning trans women from women’s chess events shows trans panic at its most absurd

There is no logic behind the decision to ban trans women from women’s competition. What it does show is transphobia and misogyny.

Cycling and disc golf’s new rules reinforce the idea that trans women who win aren’t women

Two governing bodies sent a harsh, clear message of exclusion to trans athletes.

WrestleCon removes Rick Steiner from August convention due to lack of public apology for his anti-trans rant

WrestleCon owner Michael Bachicchio told Outsports Steiner’s return hinges on him making a public statement on the transphobic incident.

Sorana Cirstea shares sexist, anti-LGBTQ tropes ahead of Wimbledon

If strict adherence to gender roles is so important to Sorana Cirstea, I wholeheartedly support her doing just that.

USA Cycling trans participation survey is facing heavy criticism

Competitors feel the survey and questions are disrespectful towards transgender cyclists.

2 more athletes lose out as governing bodies move away from trans inclusion

Natalie Ryan and Halba Diouf have been barred from competing in the female category of their sports.

Trans disc golf pro Natalie Ryan wins, then loses, in court, won’t continue to compete in this weekend’s OTB Open

A Federal judge in California granted temporary restraining order. PDGA lawyers appealed and won.

Dwayne Wade moved family from Florida because of anti-LGBTQ laws

The former Miami Heat star, who has a trans daughter, says Florida’s harsh laws made his family feel unwelcome.

MMA fighter wants to fight 10 trans men. A trans wrestler says ‘Game on!’

Jake Shields thinks he’s proving some point about trans athletes. Wrestler Mack Beggs quickly called him out.

Nike, Bud Light sign trans TikTok celeb and piss off transphobes in sports

The backlash against Dylan Mulvaney isn’t ‘anti-woke,’ it’s basic anti-LGBTQ panic

Multiple wrestling companies cut ties with pro wrestler Kobe Durst for his promotion of transphobia

Notable independent promotions Black Label Pro and C*4 are among the promotions that cut ties with Durst over the weekend.

Young transgender runner beats West Virginia in Supreme Court over trans athlete ban

Becky Pepper-Jackson can remain on her middle school’s girls track team.

Wrestling convention bans Rick Steiner for transphobic comments toward IMPACT’s Gisele Shaw

Wrestling convention WrestleCon made the decision to ban Steiner after he verbally accosted Shaw on the convention floor on International Trans Day of Visibility.

Sports need to discuss cisgender discomfort over transgender athletes winning

It’s time to get beyond cis aversion to trans people winning in sports.

World Athletics’ new trans and DSD policy says fairness is negotiable for some

New regulations leave trans women out of the female category and the ‘Caster Semenya Rule’ tightened.

Tony Dungy says transgender people just need ‘Jesus’ to save them

After claiming trans kids want litter boxes in schools, Dungy now says they just need ‘Jesus.’

U.S. House committee debates federal ban on trans women in women’s sports

Legislators cross swords along party lines over trans women and girls in sports.

Trans disc golfer Natalie Ryan files discrimination suit against pro tour

With the opening tournament of the season approaching, tour and event organizers are cited

Trans powerlifter JayCee Cooper wins discrimination suit against USA Powerlifting

A Minnesota judge rules the governing body violated her civil rights by denying trans women a opportunity to compete.

LGBTQ inclusion in sports at all levels is in a slump

From locker rooms in the NHL, to sports boardrooms, to state and national legislatures, inclusion seems conditional at best, and unwanted at worst.

UK Athletics proposes an open category for trans athletes

Officials express concerns about how current national human rights law would affect a rules change

Professional Disc Golf Association announces restrictions for trans women for 2023

‘The decision sends a clear message,’ said trans pro Natalie Ryan. ‘This board does not want me to succeed.’

Trans Day of Remembrance 2022: Rage against indifference

Anti-trans media and legislative onslaughts have grown, yet it seems transgender Americans are left to fight alone.

Soccer fans rally support for trans man who was murdered

Supporters of Bremen turned out to protest transphobic violence at a Pride event.

Trans women playing billiards are now under attack, showing the absurdity of trans opponents

Transphobia in sports is getting out of control as recent events illustrate.

English rugby organizations ban trans women from female competition

Rugby Football Union and Rugby League put forth new policies regarding transgender women. Protesters showed up at the governing body’s headquarters prior to the vote.

Trans women must wait 2 years to be eligible for competition, says cycling world governing body

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges has been kept out of competition. Now UCI responds with new regulations effective July 1.

This LGBTQ sports fan feels fear watching attacks on sports’ embrace of Pride

I understand some fans’ discomfort with Pride. Can they understand what their actions do to me?

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges gives powerful interview, wants to see a trans-inclusion policy in cycling now

In the ITV interview, Bridges says anti-trans statements by British PM Boris Johnson led to threats against her.

Emily Bridges decision shows the flaw in the IOC’s new framework

Cycling’s world governing body made a call and ignored a critical IOC principle in the process


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