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Sheryl Swoopes, Jennifer Azzi and sacrificing for the American Dream

Years after the historic Olympic dream team and the birth of the WNBA, how has women’s basketball evolved its relationship with the LGBTQ community?

Gay Olympic gymnast Dominic Clarke wows all four judges on The Voice Australia

With a stunning performance of "This City," the 2020 Olympian earns a standing ovation and unanimous pass to the next round.

Coming out from behind the camera, now working UNC-Kansas

Sports cameraman Scott Winer has worked the biggest sports in America. It was his shot of the Arkansas State fake punt that went viral. He opens up about being gay, his dream job in the pros and years of dealing with sexual assault.

Tara Lipinski misgendered Timothy LeDuc on NBC. And we can all learn from it

Nonbinary Olympic athletes continue to face misgendering issues on NBC. Lipinski’s quick correction and apology offer hope.

Super Bowl LVI will have only 1 LGBTQ-inclusive ad, lowest number in years

GLAAD says Super Bowl ads featuring LGBTQ people are down 90% from just two years ago.

NBC broadcasts again snub the LGBTQ community. It’s now an Olympic tradition

NBC again fails to mention the historic presence of LGBTQ athletes during its Opening Ceremony and competition broadcasts.

This trans powerlifter is featured in the new season of ‘Queer Eye’

Angel Flores, who was once uncomfortable shopping for anything besides groceries, receives the confidence boost she needs to live her best life.

Gay flag football TV show in development, will be at Gay Bowl this weekend

TV production crews will be at Gay Bowl in Phoenix this weekend to capture the personalities and action.

CBS Sports wrapped their Pride Month programming in a rainbow flag. Here’s why and how they did it

CBS Sports created a series of programming called ‘Out In The Game’ to honor LGBTQ people in sports during Pride Month.

Aguilar and Grant discuss building a relationship during pandemic times

Despite Aguilar contracting COVID-19, the MMA fighter and actress have emerged as an exemplary couple.

Megan Rapinoe on politics and You Know Who

The out lesbian soccer star tells Caitlyn Jenner: "You were an exceptional athlete. You’re not an exceptional politician."

MMA fighter and Tony nominee find love amid the pandemic

The XFC’s Jessica Aguilar and ‘Search Party’s’ Shalita Grant were introduced during lockdown. Soon after, they started a pandemic romance.

That’s quite enough, Caitlyn Jenner. We’re done.

Olympian turned reality star Caitlyn Jenner told me just one year ago she’s not interested in politics. And now she wants to be governor? Bitch, please.

Brazilian volleyball ace Tiffany Abreu shows ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ in new Adidas ad

The first trans woman to play in the elite Brazil Superliga is the first trans woman athlete to be featured in a major ad campaign.

Colton Underwood, former NFL prospect and Bachelor, now says he IS gay after saying last year he wasn’t

Colton Underwood shares his journey to sexual discovery, now saying he is in fact gay. After appearing on the Bachelor, he said he wasn’t.

Out pro wrestler Parrow returns to Major League Wrestling on MLW Fusion

Parrow made his first MLW appearance in over two years on Wednesday night’s episode of MLW Fusion.

‘Trans women are women and that is that:’ JayCee Cooper plays offense in transgender athlete debate

Trans powerlifter JayCee Cooper notes sport is a human right in a TV interview.

These 4 LGBTQ-inclusive ads aired in the Super Bowl

Billie Jean King, RuPaul, Lil Nas X and Dan Levy appear in commercials that ran on CBS during Super Bowl LV.

What time is the Super Bowl in gay, straight, lesbian and trans time?

When is kickoff time for Super Bowl LV between the Chiefs and Buccaneers? It depends.

Former WWE wrestler Gabbi Tuft comes out as transgender

Known to WWE fans as Tyler Reks, Tuft revealed her true identity: ‘a beautiful, wise, witty and wonderful woman.’

Why Marcellus Wiley is wrong about trans athletes

President Biden’s LGBTQ executive order said a lot, but some focused on what they thought it said, but didn’t, including a TV sports host.

Gay former Olympian Colin Jackson turned down dancing with same-sex partner on hit British show

Jackson says he "gets on better" with women.

Why are there so few out LGBTQ sports broadcasters?

With the LGBTQ community being represented in so many aspects of sports, the lack of out play-by-play voices is striking.

Outsports Transgender Athlete Advocate of the Year: Lindsay Hecox

This new award recognizes a trans athlete standing up for the community and the right to play sports: Lindsay Hecox. Mitch Harrison was also nominated.

John Cleese earns justifiable pushback for Twitter jab at trans athletes

The Monty Python legend also defended J.K. Rowling’s transphobia and in doing so, revealed that even comic geniuses can be blinded by ignorance.

Steve Kornacki shines on Sunday Night Football, and leaves us wanting more

The MSNBC political analyst broke down playoff odds on Football Night in America and showed why he won our hearts during the presidential election.

That time Steve Kornacki got in trouble for drawing a familiar shape

NBC Sports might want to avoid asking out gay national political correspondent Steve Kornacki to draw maps when he appears on its football broadcast this weekend.

Steve Kornacki will break down the NFL playoff picture for NBC Sports

The political analyst, who is gay, brings his talents to analyze the NFL playoff possibilities this Sunday.

Robbie Rogers shows off his family in new Ralph Lauren holiday ads

In a new promotion, Robbie Rogers and Greg Berlanti become the latest LGBTQ athlete family to be embraced by Madison Avenue.

Out wrestler Parrow’s return to Major League Wrestling feels ‘like coming back home’

Parrow rejoins the MLW roster ahead of "The Restart" focused on making history and increasing LGBTQ visibility within pro wrestling

JVN encourages the sports world to accept him for who he is

Over the past couple of years, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has crossed over with the sports world to spectacular results.

A gay woman in football: Erica Tamposi comes out at NFL Network

Erica Tamposi has worked at NFL Media since 2017 and is now publicly out as gay.