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Disney will produce a film and series about Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia

ESPN and ABC Signature will broadcast film, series telling Griner’s story.

Coming out story of footballer’s gay father told in ‘Welcome to Wrexham’

Striker Ollie Palmer and his dad Andy feature in a families-focused episode of the FX documentary about the Welsh soccer club owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw and Gail Kim announced for ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

Dubbing themselves Team Knockout, Shaw and Kim bring the wrestling skills and representation to the latest season of ‘The Amazing Race Canada.’

Vice show ‘Queer Sports’ is 1st to tackle LGBTQ sports topics

Arielle Duhaime-Ross hosts weekly conversations about LGBTQ sports inclusion for Vice.

Tony Dungy and James Brown withdraw from event hosted by anti-gay evangelist Andrew Wommack

Dungy and Brown had received questions after an Outsports report detailed their participation with the anti-gay preacher.

Tony Dungy defiant, ‘apologizes’ to Christians and NBC, not to the LGBT community. It’s intentional.

NBC refused a request from LGBTQ employees to have Dungy apologize on-air, and the network has refused to comment publicly.

NBC owes an explanation as Tony Dungy says kids are confused into thinking they’re cats.

Dungy was hired by NBC Sports after advocating against same-sex marriage. This tweet went beyond any of his previous statements.

Tony Dungy promotes false story about students identifying as cats, seemingly to discredit LGBTQ people

Tony Dungy says schools provide litter boxes for students identifying as cats. He is a current NBC Sports analyst.

What to make of Tony Dungy’s anti-gay present and past, and NBC’s choice to remain silent

For almost two decades Dungy has spoken out against the LGBT community, as NBC and his colleagues stay silent.

NFL broadcasters Tony Dungy and James Brown are featured speakers at outspoken anti-gay preacher’s event

The NBC and CBS analysts are annual speakers at an event held by rabidly anti-LGBT preacher Andrew Wommack.

Gus Kenworthy is wasted on Fox’s ‘Special Forces’ — and he’s better off that way.

Fox’s punishing new reality show gives Kenworthy scant footage in its premier episode so it can devote more time to exploiting other celebrities’ pain.

Drag queen, LGBT fans star alongside Serena Williams and Ukraine in new ESPN ad

ESPN features the LGBT community and the Pride rainbow in inclusive commercial for the sports network.

This gay sports reporter finally exhaled when she could be herself

After years of fearing whether her sexuality would negatively impact her career, Arielle Orsuto is living her best life in Denver.

This lifelong gay athlete started a lube company that advertises on ESPN

Eyal Feldman wants to show that men are beautiful, and thinks sports fans are the perfect audience.

Trans basketball coach Layne Ingram discusses trans inclusion in sports on Dr. Phil

Dr Phil talks about trans inclusion in women’s sports on his episode this Friday.

Quinton Peron on Amazing Race continues an amazing year

Peron was a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader in the Super Bowl. Now he’s racing around the world with Mattie Lynch.

This gay former basketball player runs the only TV network dedicated to LGBTQ people

Sheri Johnson’s Strong Voices Television has a home for everyone under the rainbow.

Sheryl Swoopes, Jennifer Azzi and sacrificing for the American Dream

Years after the historic Olympic dream team and the birth of the WNBA, how has women’s basketball evolved its relationship with the LGBTQ community?

Gay Olympic gymnast Dominic Clarke wows all four judges on The Voice Australia

With a stunning performance of "This City," the 2020 Olympian earns a standing ovation and unanimous pass to the next round.

Coming out from behind the camera, now working UNC-Kansas

Sports cameraman Scott Winer has worked the biggest sports in America. It was his shot of the Arkansas State fake punt that went viral. He opens up about being gay, his dream job in the pros and years of dealing with sexual assault.

Tara Lipinski misgendered Timothy LeDuc on NBC. And we can all learn from it

Nonbinary Olympic athletes continue to face misgendering issues on NBC. Lipinski’s quick correction and apology offer hope.

Super Bowl LVI will have only 1 LGBTQ-inclusive ad, lowest number in years

GLAAD says Super Bowl ads featuring LGBTQ people are down 90% from just two years ago.

NBC broadcasts again snub the LGBTQ community. It’s now an Olympic tradition

NBC again fails to mention the historic presence of LGBTQ athletes during its Opening Ceremony and competition broadcasts.

This trans powerlifter is featured in the new season of ‘Queer Eye’

Angel Flores, who was once uncomfortable shopping for anything besides groceries, receives the confidence boost she needs to live her best life.

Gay flag football TV show in development, will be at Gay Bowl this weekend

TV production crews will be at Gay Bowl in Phoenix this weekend to capture the personalities and action.

CBS Sports wrapped their Pride Month programming in a rainbow flag. Here’s why and how they did it

CBS Sports created a series of programming called ‘Out In The Game’ to honor LGBTQ people in sports during Pride Month.

Aguilar and Grant discuss building a relationship during pandemic times

Despite Aguilar contracting COVID-19, the MMA fighter and actress have emerged as an exemplary couple.

Megan Rapinoe on politics and You Know Who

The out lesbian soccer star tells Caitlyn Jenner: "You were an exceptional athlete. You’re not an exceptional politician."

MMA fighter and Tony nominee find love amid the pandemic

The XFC’s Jessica Aguilar and ‘Search Party’s’ Shalita Grant were introduced during lockdown. Soon after, they started a pandemic romance.

That’s quite enough, Caitlyn Jenner. We’re done.

Olympian turned reality star Caitlyn Jenner told me just one year ago she’s not interested in politics. And now she wants to be governor? Bitch, please.

Brazilian volleyball ace Tiffany Abreu shows ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ in new Adidas ad

The first trans woman to play in the elite Brazil Superliga is the first trans woman athlete to be featured in a major ad campaign.

Colton Underwood, former NFL prospect and Bachelor, now says he IS gay after saying last year he wasn’t

Colton Underwood shares his journey to sexual discovery, now saying he is in fact gay. After appearing on the Bachelor, he said he wasn’t.


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