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Rangers beat writer Alex Plinck finds the ideal place to watch World Series clincher: a Dallas gay bar

While covering the Series, Plinck also talked baseball with the anti-Pride Rangers owner while wearing a rainbow bracelet.

The Outsports Triumph Award for journalism goes to Katelyn Burns

These new awards, in partnership with NCLR, honor transgender athletes as well as other trans people involved in sports, including this journalist.

Trans trailblazing journalist Christina Kahrl leaving ESPN for major new role

Kahrl, who in 2002 became the nation’s first out transgender sports writer, announced she will be heading up sports coverage at a major metropolitan newspaper.

Gay Rangers writer testifies about baseball’s evolving LGBTQ acceptance

Alex Plinck has built relationships with players while covering the Texas Rangers. His story is emblematic of how the game has become more welcoming.

Out NFL player R.K. Russell shares poems about the killings of 3 Black men

Through poetry, Russell shares his thoughts on the shooting deaths of Tony McDade, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.

The Karleigh File: 13 things to know about me

Here’s the baker’s dozen on Outsports contributing writer and co-host of "The Trans Sporter Room," Karleigh Webb, as we share a little about the people behind the bylines.

Nick McCarvel says there’s only one place he’s experienced homophobia with coming out

Sports commentator Nick McCarvel came out in 2016. That hasn’t slowed down his career one bit.

Gay Boston sportscaster Alex Reimer leaves sports for politics

A mainstay at WEEI for the last few years, Alex Reimer will now be walking the halls of the State House.

Steve Buckley leaves the Boston Herald, lands at The Athletic

Steve Buckley is one of the most revered out gay sports columnists in the media.

Donation fund created for LGBTQ youth after death of gay sports writer

Colleagues and friends of Bo Churney have raised about $20k.

Podcast: MMA Fighting writer Dave Doyle talks about being gay in a very straight world

Dave Doyle opens up about his personal and professional lives.

Nick McCarvel on being a gay sports writer in an often very straight world

Nick McCarvel covers tennis and Olympic sports.

When this sports writer said he’s gay, radio hosts got mad at him for burying the lead

Alex Reimer came out Wednesday. He writes about sports for SB Nation, Forbes and other publications.

Gay Syracuse sports writer needs self-acceptance

Syracuse sports writer Sam Blum used his final column for The Daily Orange to come out publicly as gay. He wrote about finding acceptance from people in his life yet still searching for acceptance from himself.

Chicago Tribune Blackhawks writer comes out as gay

Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune points out the gay issues the NFL still refuses to tackle in meaningful ways.

Watch: MLB writer Tony Paul comes out on TV

Tony Paul covers baseball for the Detroit News. In the wake of the legalization of gay marriage, he chose to come out on TV.

Peter King's lesbian daughter thanks him for love

Peter King wrote a column earlier this month supporting his lesbian daughter's recent marriage to her wife, Kim. Now for Father's Day, Laura King thanks her father for his public and private "love and support."

Journalist: AFL not ready for gay players

Another media member indicts everyone else while claiming how forward and positive "the media" is.

How ESPN & Grantland failed the trans community

There are basic rules on reporting about and discussing trans people every sportswriter should live by. Bill Simmons' crew broke them all with last week's article on the inventor of a golf putter.

Remembering Christine Daniels

Christine Daniels was a pioneering trans sports writer for the Los Angeles Times. When she transitioned back to her former self and took her own life, it sent shockwaves through the trans community.

Steve Buckley comes out as gay

Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley comes out as gay.

Norman Chad's cool with the gay thing


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