Soccer news

The myth of separation of sports and politics

The sports world must take a political stand against Russia's hosting of the World Cup in 2018.

'Rent Boy' soccer chant painted as anti-gay


With the attention paid to the 'puto' World Cup chant, some are now claiming that 'rent boy' targeting Chelsea F.C. players is anti-gay.

Groups call for FIFA to end homophobic chants


FIFA affirmed the use of 'puto' by fans during the World Cup. Now LGBT leaders want soccer's world body to take real action against slurs.

Russian Orthodox priest says World Cup is too gay


According to Alexander Shumsky, the shoes and hairstyles make the World Cup too gay for Russians.

Meet Samoa's trans men's national team player


Jayiah Saelua faced discrimination at the University of Hawaii before finding a place on the Samoan men's national soccer team.

ESPN and Univision broadcast gay slur again


FIFA controls the international audio and video feed, which continues to carry the gay slur. ESPN and Univision choose not to mute or bleep the audio when the gay slur is chanted.

FIFA investigates Neymar's underwear


The Brazilian star was seen wearing underwear not officially licensed.


Gallery: World Cup bromance

The men on the pitch can't get enough of each other.

Will Mexican gay slur be heard on ESPN Sunday?


ESPN broadcast Mexican fans chanting the gay slur "puto" during their country's World Cup match against Croatia on Monday. The network claims it uses FIFA's audio feed.

It's not always homophobia. Understand context.

Not every homophobic slur is...a homophobic slur


FIFA's failure to punish racism & homophobia

While discrimination or harassment because of sexual orientation is prohibited under the FIFA rule book, discipline for such actions has almost never come and little noise is actually made about...

Mexico coach defends fans' use of gay slur


Mexico coach Miguel Herrera says the gay slur at the World Cup is 'not that bad.'

Podcast: Meaning of Mexican fans' World Cup slurs


Some say "puto" is not a gay slur, but a Mexican-born professor at Penn State joins us to strongly disagree.

FIFA to investigate World Cup gay slurs


Fans were chanting "puta" during the game between the two teams, and could face FIFA discipline.

¡Puto! Mexican soccer fans chant gay slur


Crowd yells the slur "puto" at the opposing goalie and you can hear it on the TV broadcast.

UN: Gay World Cup players should come out


Despite homosexuality being punishable by death in various World Cup countries, the United Nations tells athletes they should come out.

Croatia World Cup players relax in the nude


Players refuse to talk to media after someone secretly snapped them in the buff.

Time for world soccer to embrace gay players


No World Cup players are openly gay and international soccer is part of the reason, argues a Division I soccer player who is out.

Podcast: World Cup preview & Robbie Rogers' season


Josie Becker from LAG Confidential joins us to talk World Cup, Landon Donovan snub and Robbie Rogers' season that's gotten off to an injured start.

For the love of the game: Soccer players kiss


Players on the pitch have no problem smooching.


USA men at the World Cup

It's showtime. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has spoken and the Germericans are still a large contingent on the team. But it was team totem Jozy Altidore who suddenly found form tonight against Nigeria...

Soccer goalie struggled to fit in as lesbian


"Although we hear many recent coming out stories, many times we fail to ask what comes after the announcement," Agata Dera writes. Her struggles became a triumph.

Coaches differ on sex during World Cup


Mexico says no, the U.S. yes and Brazil is OK with 'normal' sex.

One fan's 180 hottest World Cup players


Exhaustive list has plenty for everyone from the 32 countries.

Maybe no one will ever come out in English soccer


Arsenal manager talks about homophobia in the sport.

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