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Gary Bettman confirms the NHL created its own Pride Night mess

The NHL commissioner said the league mandated that all players wear Pride jerseys, without ensuring there was full buy-in.

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MLB Opening Day: Here are the players LGBTQ fans will be cheering for this season

As the new baseball season begins, here are our favorite out players, allies and style icons who are making the game a better place for the LGBTQ community.

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The number of out coaches in women’s college basketball has exploded. Why?

How marriage, social media and a few trailbazers opened the door to a slew of coaches being out.

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England’s 1st out transgender soccer referee is the star of a new documentary

Lucy Clark is a standard-bearer for out trans officials across the world.

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Every LGBTQ event happening during WrestleMania week 2023

With an LGBTQ-focused or LGBTQ-led event scheduled for every day of WrestleMania week, this year’s festivities are shaping up to be the queerest ever.

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These queer roller skaters have formed their own group to take back the skate park

Leo Ollie and Alexis Craig Fonseca say roller skating liberated them, and they want other queer folx to experience the same euphoria.

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The Latest

SF Gay Softball League commemorates 50 years of using sports to create a sense of community

For half a century, the SFGSL has helped the Bay Area LGBTQ population find a place where they feel safe to play softball as their true selves.

These 35 trans athletes have competed openly in college

Lia Thomas ignited a debate over trans inclusion in college sports. She’s not the first or last to compete.

Three of the women’s Elite 8 teams — Iowa, Maryland and Miami — have publicly out coaches

Not so long ago, it was hard to find any out LGBT coaches in NCAA college basketball.

Katie Meier is out LGBT married coach of Miami Hurricanes women’s basketball

Meier will face off against Kim Mulkey, who reportedly told gay athletes to stay in the closet.

World Athletics’ new trans and DSD policy says fairness is negotiable for some

New regulations leave trans women out of the female category and the ‘Caster Semenya Rule’ tightened.

WrestleMania weekend’s drag and pro wrestling showdown will return this year

The second "Gay Young Classic" will pit pro wrestlers and drag performers against one another in a lip sync battle tournament for their lives.

Here are 20 LGBT college basketball players and 57 coaches who have been out while competing

March Madness is upon us, and we celebrate various LGBT players and coaches who have inspired others.

This gay coxswain is No. 2 in Germany, and gunning for the Olympics

Till Martini is one of the best young rowers in Germany, and he wants to show other athletes there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

Dallas Stars, Seattle Kraken and L.A. Kings all wore Pride jerseys and nobody noticed

The NHL teams that had the best Pride Nights were the ones that didn’t let the very few dissenters become the story.

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Luke Prokop’s teammates put rainbow tape on their sticks to support him during fan-thrown Pride Night

The Seattle Thunderbirds players, most of whom are teenagers, showed incredible courage.

Christian NHL brothers Eric and Marc Staal refuse to wear Pride jersey, ask for ‘respect’

The Staal brothers hid behind ‘prayer,’ issuing a statement that misses the entire point of the Pride jerseys.

Tony Dungy says transgender people just need ‘Jesus’ to save them

After claiming trans kids want litter boxes in schools, Dungy now says they just need ‘Jesus.’

Chicago Blackhawks ditch Pride jerseys, blame Russian anti-gay laws

The team claims it made the decision at an organizational level at not from the players. Regardless, it’s another black eye for NHL Pride nights.

Coming Out Stories

World Athletics bans trans women from the female track and field category

The new ban happens to begin on International Transgender Day of Visibility, March 31.

Trans boxer Patricio Manuel wins first match in four years, improves to 2-0

The pioneering fighter comes out firing against Hien Huynh after a four-year absence from the ring.

Luke Prokop speaks out about the NHL’s Pride Night jersey snubs

The out gay prospect said he’s "disappointed," and explained why Pride Nights are so important.

19 San Jose Sharks players wear Pride Night jersey, 1 does not

Team captain Logan Couture celebrates "extremely important night," while James Reimer cites Jesus Christ in refusing to wear the jersey.

UFC fighter Jeff Molina publicly comes out as bi after being outed

Molina is believed to be the first male fighter in UFC history to come out.

Dennis Rodman showed up at a Chicago drag show and tipped one of the performers $100

During a surprise appearance at a Boystown drag venue, Rodman publicly supported his local queens.

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NHL Pride Nights: Wearing a rainbow jersey becomes controversial

Pride Nights have been a staple in the NHL since 2018, but this season they have generated controversy.

Why are there so few openly gay male athletes in sports? We asked ChatGPT

The AI bot gave accurate and fairly detailed answers to two questions we asked but wouldn’t take the bait on which players are hot.

Hockey isn’t for everyone. Some women and LGBTQ people on Twitter are pushing to change that.

This NHL fan has returned to the league because of efforts from women like her, and other diverse groups.

Baylor and Oral Roberts top the March Madness field when it comes to homophobia

The two religious universities have onerous histories when it comes to treating LGBTQ students with dignity.

Andrew Blaser still representing Team USA, a year after becoming an out gay Olympian

Blaser represented Team USA during this year’s World Cup and World Championships.

US Open commemorates Billie Jean King’s fight for equal pay with 2023 theme art

The tournament unveiled a scintillating graphic design celebrating the 50th anniversary of King’s role in the fight for women’s rights on the tennis court.

IMPACT Wrestling star Gisele Shaw shares her wrestling and gender journey in ‘Diary: Gisele Shaw’

Gisele Shaw opens up on the freedom of coming out last year, carving her international path in pro wrestling and being an inspiration in IMPACT Wrestling.

Queer-led Pro Wrestling VIBE completes its mission to change wrestling

Pro Wrestling VIBE’s final event, Braumatica, reflected the entire ethos of its three-year existence and gave everyone one last party together.

Gay Scottish soccer player Zander Murray is the subject of a new documentary

Murray explores soccer’s history of homophobia, and how to fix it.

How Vladimir Putin helps dictate what NHL teams do on Pride Nights

Russia’s anti-gay laws are being cited for some NHL teams backing down on having their players wear Pride-themed uniforms.

Harvard women’s ice hockey coach Katey Stone ignored her team’s homophobic hazing for decades

According to a new report, the legendary coach did nothing to stop her players from humiliating LGBTQ teammates.

Greg Louganis auctioning 3 of his Olympic medals to help AIDS services center

Louganis hopes to honor Ryan White, as well as his mother, with funds from the medal auctions.