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U.S. Soccer has officially banned anti-LGBTQ chants

The new policy includes possible banishments for clubs whose fans engage in homophobic chants, and penalties for the match promoters.

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Pro wrestler Max Zero comes out as pansexual on Pansexual Visibility Day

Zero highlighted Pansexual Visibility Day by sharing a part of himself publicly for the first time.

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Coming out as gay gave high school swimmer courage to be outspoken about queer rights

Ethan Crawford was nervous about coming out as gay, but ‘all of the guys on my swim team were accepting and supportive, which was shocking.’

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Dodgers have sold over 15k Pride Night tickets, shattering pro sports record

The LA Dodgers annually host the largest Pride Night in all of sports. Their game on June 3 will set another record.

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Out AEW wrestler Anthony Bowens is out with a knee injury

Bowens will be out of action for an undetermined amount of time, but will be present at AEW Double or Nothing weekend events this weekend.

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Warriors reporter’s old tweets talked about beating up gays

Warriors reporter Mark Haynes has apologized after at least 56 hateful tweets resurfaced from his past.

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This Seattle-based softball team was created for trans and non-binary players

The Puget Sound Pronouns are built in the image of their founder, who makes plays on the diamond, and wants to do the same in the community.

Sports broadcaster opens up after being outed by now-fired colleague

Megan Barnard’s story illustrates the challenging climate that LGBTQ sports broadcasters face.

There are 7 out LGBTQ women players at the French Open, and 0 men

The seven out women players at the French Open appears to a record.

Jake Daniels again proves widespread support for gay athletes

Stop talking about sports as bastions of homophobia. Sports are widely supportive of gay athletes who come out.

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Survey: Trans Physical Activity Participants

This study looks to better understand the physical activity experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming adults.

French soccer league player sits out game to avoid wearing Pride-themed uniform

For second year in a row, Paris Saint Germain’s Idrissa Gueye skipped the games where a rainbow-colored jersey was worn.

This gay coach wants to make tennis as welcoming as possible for LGBTQ kids

Ian Pearson-Brown credits tennis with saving his life. That’s why he’s started a group to promote LGBTQ inclusion in the sport.

Pro soccer player Jake Daniels comes out as gay

Daniels says he has gotten huge support from his club and teammates.

Pro Wrestler Zeb Saint comes out publicly as LGBTQ, doesn’t define how he identifies

‘I’ve found myself attracted to men and wanna live that truth,’ Saint said in a ‘coming out post’ on Twitter.

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Brian Sims, gay former college football captain, loses primary for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor

Sims was the first out gay elected representative in Pennsylvania history.

Golf legend Greg Norman dismisses discrimination against LGBTQ people: ‘I’m not sure I have gay friends’

Norman is the CEO of a new Saudi-backed golf league, and doesn’t appear concerned about the kingdom’s abysmal record on LGBTQ rights.

Japanese pro wrestling legend Yu Ishino (fka Kagetsu) comes out as trans

Yu Ishino became on of the world’s most prolific pro wrestlers under the name Kagetsu before retiring in 2020.

Brittney Griner detention extended after first public appearance in Russia

A prisoner swap with Russia has also been floated. Griner has been in Russian custody since late February.

This gay fan proposed to her girlfriend at a Phoenix Mercury game

LGBTQ romance is now part of the in-game experience.

Ex-trainer alleges Chicago White Sox fired him because he is gay

Brian Ball is suing the club, but the White Sox deny all charges of discrimination.

Dodgers/Giants rivalry shows how rainbow caps can spread throughout MLB

The popularity of the Giants’ rainbow SF caps meant that we’d soon be seeing Pride LA caps too. Here’s how that trend can continue to grow.

Mark Jackson continues to face allegations of graphic homophobia

Jackson has reportedly been turned down by the Kings and Lakers for their coaching positions.

Coming Out Stories

Pro Wrestling Vibe founder Billy Dixon to retire from in-ring competition in June

His final bout will be an "I Quit match" against longtime rival Darius Carter at Pro Wrestling Vibe’s ‘Pride & Vibe Weekend’ on June 17.

Dodgers and Giants will both wear rainbow Pride caps in an MLB first

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants will meet on June 11, both donning rainbow logos.

Gay racer, kart track owner strives to make racing accessible to all

Brandon Adkins used to hide his sexuality but now out and proud, he wants to give ‘everyone a chance in a sport that’s historically been tailored to straight, white men.’

Journalist Danielle McLean finds warmth and safety as a trans athlete on the hockey ice

Team Trans Hockey member and senior editor talks about hockey’s place in her journey on the Trans Sporter Room.

Hockey president apologizes after supporting group on trans-athlete inclusion

Digit Murphy was criticized for supporting a group that wants access to sports for trans women, with transition requirements.

As WNBA tips off, 20% of players currently on rosters are LGBTQ and publicly out

1 in 5 WNBA players are publicly out as LGBTQ, possibly the highest of any pro league in the world.

Pro soccer player resurects the gay-panic shower nonsense

Gay athletes are sooooooo not scary in the shower. Yet we keep having to talk about this.

Every WNBA court will honor Brittney Griner this season

The U.S. reclassified Griner as "wrongfully detained" by Russia.

Charlie Martin climbs to the podium in debut weekend at Laguna Seca

The trans pioneer ends up third in class in comeback from first-race DNF in her first-ever race weekend in the U.S.

Dwyane Wade shares heartfelt message to parents of trans children

Wade says he’s never forgotten what he felt when his daughter was born.

Pro wrestling referee Devon Campbell comes out as omnisexual

Campbell, a referee for multiple Pacific Northwest promotions, announced he is omnisexual on Twitter.

This queer Princeton diver is a New York club kid and TikTok sensation

Griffin Maxwell Brooks tests heteronormative limits every day, and their more than 1 million TikTok followers love them for it.

Gay Olympian Keith Frostad was harassed, attacked by swimmers in 1992

Frostad is breaking his 30-year silence, coming out publicly and talking about the abuse he endured.

Yes, Twitter trolls, MLB already has Christian Nights and Straight Nights

Twitter trolls love to ask "When’s hetero night?" whenever a team announces a Pride Day. So we thought we’d answer them once and for all.


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