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For a gay athlete with disability, high school wrestling was vital to his self-acceptance

Bennett Sherr battled a rare orthopedic disease while coming to grips with being gay, and found empowerment on the mat.

Olympic figure skater Eric Radford is starting a gorgeous music career

Eric Radford is a three-time Olympic medalist. Now he’s turning his talents to writing music for the piano.

Ohio gay college runner makes comeback from absence caused by Crohn’s 

LGBTQ College Roundup: Mount Union’s Jason Hadley makes return to racing.

LGPA Tour golfer Mel Reid comes out as gay

Reid said she wants to use her golf platform to work with people who support her, and to inspire others.

Fantasy football: Week 15 start/sit advice for Team Outsports Equality

Here’s our weekly fantasy football starting lineup of NFL players who have expressed support for LGBT equality.

Struggles with autism complicated the coming out of this gay athlete

Max Korten’s story of coming out and having autism brings understanding to a community that needs it.

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Countdown: These were the most-read stories on Outsports in 2018

The top LGBTQ-sports stories of 2018 feature football, the Olympics and some very courageous athletes and coaches.

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Olympic figure skater Randy Gardner’s life story coming to the big screen

‘Go Figure: The Randy Gardner Story’ promises to be an inside look at the life and struggles of a gay, adopted Olympic athlete.

Kyler Murray won the Heisman Trophy, then he apologized for anti-gay tweets

Kyler Murray had to apologize for using anti-gay language when he was a teenager. Hopefully he meant it.

The International Gay and Lesbian Football Association finds renewed relevance

An award nomination from FIFA, successful tournaments and an influx of youth breed new life into the LGBTQ soccer group.

English soccer player talks about being gay and the support she’s found

Gilly Flaherty plays for England’s national team and professionally for West Ham United.

Clippers to hold Pride night Jan. 1 vs. 76ers and give away a rainbow T-shirt

L.A. Clippers will host their LGBTQ Pride night when they play the 76ers on Jan. 1.

Coming out stories of LGBT people in sports

Kenny Stills won an award from an LGBTQ group and he couldn’t be more proud

Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills talks about fighting for equality, and how he would handle a gay player on the team.

Win a date with a former college football player and other bachelors tonight in New York

The New York Gay Football League’s annual bachelor auction, benefitting Gay Men’s Health Crisis, is tonight in Hell’s Kitchen.

Straight coach defends participation in LGBTQ event despite suspension

Chris DiCintio stands with Anthony Nicodemo and his push for more LGBTQ inclusion, despite Section One’s misplaced retaliation.

In a first, transgender boxer Pat Manuel to make pro debut this weekend

Pat Manuel, a transgender boxer, will have his pro debut this weekend.

A college football coach of the year recruited openly gay player while others got cold feet

Indiana State football coach Curt Mallory didn’t hesitate in signing Jake Bain, an openly gay player.

Gay college athlete battling cancer needs your help

Alex Obendorf had surgery in July, but the cancer has spread and his medical bills have skyrocketed.

This straight athlete married this weekend because gay marriage is legal

David Pocock and his wife, Emma, stood by the LGBTQ community’s side and are now legally married.

Gay football player helping a bullied teen come out shows power of visibility

A profile of gay college football player Jake Bain shows how important visibility is in sports.

14 NFL players to wear cleats in Week 13 focused on stopping bullying

14 players will use the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats campaign to bring attention to anti-bullying efforts.

3 football players in Tennessee are challenging gender-identity roles

In Tennessee, Ari, Madisen and Elizabeth are opening eyes to the roles of gender and gender identity in football.

Hazing horror: Football players accused of raping teammates with brooms

Hazing is a plague on American sports, and it is often rooted in anti-gay sentiment. It must be eliminated everywhere forever.

Film ‘Man Made’ puts trans male bodybuilders in the spotlight

‘Man Made’ explores the transformative nature of bodybuilding for trans people.

When a gay Premier League player comes out, his first 12 hours will look like this

It’s hard to imagine what the life of an out gay Premier League player would look like. Here’s a start.

This gay soccer coach in Liverpool came out and everything went great

Greg McLean gives another face to the widespread acceptance of gay men in English soccer during the Rainbow Laces campaign.

Rainbow Laces

Rainbow Laces show support for LGBTQ inclusion in sports.

NCAA administrator finds support as gay man in big-time college football

Aaron Hernandez found strength to come out as gay in the words of one big-time college football coach.

The rugby world defends out gay athlete, lashes out at homophobia

Rugby players around the world are wearing Rainbow Laces to show support for Gareth Thomas and gay athletes.

WWE wrestler Sonya Deville opens up about being an out wrestler

‘If you’re scared to do it, my advice would be do it, because it was the best thing that ever happened,’ Deville said.

Gay college soccer player pivotal to team’s Elite 8 run

LGBTQ College Roundup: Ian Johnson plays a key role in Montclair State reaching the NCAA quarterfinals.

Novak Djokovic rooting for an openly gay tennis player to come out

Novak Djokovic, the top men’s tennis player, says a gay player coming out would be courageous.

Featured Fanshot

Dave Kopay visited with Jeff Rohrer before the Dallas Cowboy's wedding

Kate Fagan is leaving ESPN

Fagan is an important voice for women and LGBTQ people in the sports media. Where will she bring that voice next?

HBO ‘Real Sports’ profiles openly gay Warriors president Rick Welts

Rick Welts, the openly gay Golden State Warriors president, has been a role model for LGBT people in sports.

Emily Scheck’s gofundme hits $100k as athlete stops accepting donations

"A nation came together to help out a person in need and showed that Emily was worth fighting for."

Straight athletes need to stop saying it’s ‘impossible’ to be openly gay in sports

Olivier Giroud is the latest straight athlete to tell gay people it’s impossible for them to see the hope and love of sports.