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Former MLS player Matt Pacifici comes out as gay by introducing his boyfriend to the world

Pacifici played with the Columbus Crew in 2016. Now he hopes coming out can help other gay athletes be their true selves.

Triathlon Union rescinds ban on rainbow flags at races

The International Triathlon Union has removed "sexual orientation" from a policy banning "propaganda" at events.

Robin Lopez wears rainbow shirt in welcoming fans to Bulls’ first Pride night

Chicago Bulls celebrated first LGBTQ Pride night and player Robin Lopez welcomed fans,

International Triathlon Union bans rainbow flags from all races

The ITU equates gay people waving rainbow flags at triathlons with bad sportsmanship and reduced safety.

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Fight brewing in South Dakota over transgender high school athletes’ rights

Chris Mosier and others are gearing up to fight against SB49, which would force trans youth to deny their expressed gender.

Chelsea’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek denies he’s gay, but supports a player coming out

Chelsea’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek had the right response to rumors that he is gay.

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Pistons’ Reggie Bullock continues to advocate for transgender issues

Reggie Bullock of the Detroit Pistons has become a trans advocate after his sister was murdered.

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Inclusion Party and panels coming to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta

Esera Tuaolo again hosts a Super Bowl inclusion party Jan. 29, and adds a great LGBTQ panel discussion.

This gay college runner in Missouri found he doesn’t have to be the best to be accepted

Andre Williams chose to go to the Univ. of Central Missouri in part because they had already accepted another gay athlete.

Melissa Etheridge to sing national anthem at Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship Game

Out lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge is a huge Chiefs fan and will sing the national anthem at the AFC Championship Game.

Gay Drexel diver makes triumphant return from neck injury

LGBTQ College Roundup: Drexel’s Anthony Musciano honored for success during his first meet of the season.

LGBTQ athletes and conversations present at the Australian Open

Nick McCarvel hosted Jason Collins, Rennae Stubbs, Kevin Anderson and others for an Australian Open inclusion event.

Coming out stories of LGBT people in sports

All teams in NFL playoffs have gay-supportive players or coaches

Players on NFL playoff teams say they would support having a gay teammate

Bruins’ David Pastrnak wears a Pride shirt during Celtics Pride Night

Boston Celtics held their first LGBT Pride Night and a Boston Bruin got in the spirit.

When this Chelsea soccer fan yelled anti-gay chants, he was fined and banned

George Bradley won’t be seeing his favorite soccer team play anytime soon.

Jury awards trans woman $20k after being rejected by women’s football team

Christina Ginther was discriminated against when she was told she couldn’t play in a women’s football league.

Clippers feature two gay couples on Pride Night Kiss Cam

The Clippers showed two gay couples kissing on the Kiss Cam during their Pride Night celebration.

Gay walk-on college runner learns the power of acceptance

Ryan Signorino was nervous joining the track and cross country team as a novice runner and gay man, but he has never looked back.

Did Andrew Wiggins call Dennis Schroder ‘gay’? He says no. Video suggests yes.

Wiggins denies calling an opponent ‘gay,’ but the video evidence sure makes his denial hard to believe.

LZ Granderson is new sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times

Granderson will bring his opinion and wit to the intersection of sports and various other elements of our culture.

Gay college football player found biggest barrier to happiness was his own insecurity

Christian Zeitvogel feared the worst when he came out as a gay football player, but he was met with love and acceptance.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes targets LGBTQ community with Statement of Faith

Many FCA members have no idea the organization stands firmly against the dignity and respect of LGBTQ student-athletes and their relationships.

Gay college football player Jake Bain sits down with ‘Ellen’

‘Ellen’ gave a platform to openly gay college football player Jake Bain, who also competed against Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Here’s what to do, and not to do, when you do something transphobic

Even people like Martina Navratilova can stumble on trans issues. How you react to that stumble can mean the world to trans people.

World Rugby releases new gay rugby documentary on Mark Bingham

Mark Bingham and gay rugby are the subject of a new documentary film, remembering the hero of Sept. 11, 2001.

When I criticized Chick-fil-A, some Christians and conservatives sent vile messages

The level of hate, vitriol and misinformation from some Christians and conservatives defending Chick-fil-A is eye-opening.

Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens says he’s gay

Anthony Bowens has been dating his boyfriend for a couple years and now identifies as gay.

Gay runner in Bible Belt finds his stride at the University of Arkansas

Matt Young was raised in a conservative Oklahoma town, but has found his niche as a runner and gay man at the University of Arkansas.

Openly gay fighter Amanda Nunes first woman to hold two UFC championship belts

Amanda Nunes is proud to be a gay role model. After knocking out Cris Cyborg, she’s now holds two UFC title belts.

Some College Football Playoff teams have stronger LGBTQ-inclusion efforts than others

Of the final four teams in college football, one head coach has spoken publicly of inclusion. And one team hasn’t done much.

Gus Kenworthy kissing his boyfriend Matt Wilkas on live TV at the Olympics was the gay sports moment of 2018

The most iconic gay sports moment of 2018 was Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy kissing boyfriend Matt Wilkas on live TV.

Chick-fil-A’s participation in sports is still a big ‘F-you’ to LGBTQ people

Chick-fil-A gives millions of dollars each year to a group that espouses discrimination against gay athletes.

Clippers will host New Year’s Day Pride event vs. 76ers and give away a rainbow T-shirt

L.A. Clippers will host their LGBTQ Pride night when they play the 76ers on Jan. 1.

Martina Navratilova deletes tweet about trans athletes, promises to ‘educate myself’

Navratilova made a trans-athlete comment that Right Wing pundits ran with. Now she wants to learn more about the issue.

Athletica Major | The brightest sports stars of 2018

An appreciation of the world’s best athletes, and other sports figures who shined in 2018.

Facebook allows gay-inclusive naked rugby calendar page after ban is lifted

The gay-inclusive Naked Rugby Players calendar raises money for charity and is once again OK for Facebook.

Outsports Person of the Year: Adam Rippon

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon turned his success at the Winter Olympics into a year the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.


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