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Out 100 party recap

Last night I got to attend one of the best parties I've been to in New York City. The Out 100 party last night was held at high-end restaurant Cipriani on Wall Street. It's in the old National City Bank building - a massive space with (I'd guess) 100-foot ceilings. I've never been great at guessing crowd size, but I'd put it somewhere around 1,000 people.

There were so many highlights of the evening for me, but I'll try to hit some of them:

  • matt-and-seanz.jpgGot to meet Matt Coin (pictured, left, with Sean Smith), who is an amazing guy. So fun, so nice, and yes guys, so handsome. He and Smith (ditto, ditto and yes, ditto) got to meet for the first time; I was so proud that these two great guys are a part of the Outsports family, and that they got to experience that party last night; those brave kids deserve it. And the pics of both of them in the magazine are gorgeous.
  • Met a reality TV star who was an openly gay collegiate athlete in - get this - 1992. We'll have a story on him in the coming months.
  • Howard Bragman was there with a young new NFL employee who once worked for Leigh Steinberg. He's straight but, as Howard, insists that Steinberg isn't homophobic. BTW, for those attendees who are reading this, sorry, the guy's straight.
  • By the way, Howard is the new rep of Martina Navratilova, and both he and Martina will have separate announcements in the coming month or so, so stay tuned!
  • Chaka Khan and Mya performed. Chaka Khan's still got it; she rocked. the. house.
  • Also saw Tim Gunn (whom Matt said was super nice), Jennifer Hudson, Annie Lennox, Lady Bunny, Tori Spelling, Flotilla Debarge, Richie Rich, Itay Hod, Mary-Louise Parker, Kelly Rowland.

Big thanks go to Out editor Aaron Hicklin and his staff for including Outsports in their list this year. It is quite an honor; and the party was of the hook. :razz: -Cyd Zeigler jr.