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A Boston team LOSES!

The Houston Dynamo beat the New England Revolution 2-1 in the Major League Soccer championship game today. The Revolution previously reached in the MLS finals in 2002, 2005 and 2006 and lost all three. Today New England led at halftime 1-0. Normally that's a final score in soccer but Houston exploded for two second-half goals. (Attention soccer buffs: that is a joke coming from a non-soccer fan. Any lectures about how exciting and wonderful the sport is are guaranteed to fall on deaf ears.) The AP writeup called the Revolution "the Buffalo Bills of MLS."

The recent successes of the Patriots, Red Sox, the resurgent Celtics, Boston College, and even the Bruins being above .500, have been nothing short of annoying, especially when their fans throw out premature terms such as "greatest team ever." Clearly, however, this is the beginning of the end. Way to go, Houston Dynamo! The rest of America's sports fans salute you! -- Joe Guckin