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They call me The Midnight Rambler

From Friend of Outsports Deadspin comes this bizarre tale of of blowjobs, tennis and sleep. Short version: Dejon Bevins of the North Carolina State Wolfpack tennis team was arrested this week for performing oral sex on a guy. Who was asleep. There was a team party at one of the players apartment, the party broke up, the host went to bed and woke up around 5 a.m. to find Mr. Bevins giving him a hummer. The blowjob giver was arrested and charged with "a crime against nature".

Two things are interesting to me about this. First, reading it at Deadspin immediately transported me back to being 15 or so and finding the only way to have sex with this totally hot guy down the street was to participate in the fiction that when I was blowing him, he was asleep, because that's the only way he could handle the fact that OMG! he was having sex with a dude. Not one of the highlights of my life, to be sure.

Secondly, the wording of the charge "a crime against nature" is interesting. Lawrence v. Texas (2003) luckily did away with the remainder of the vile sodomy laws applying to consenting adults on the books in the United States but that odious phrase was used all the time in prosecutions. It's similar to the absurd notion that homosexuality is "unnatural" as there's dozens, hundreds of examples in nature of male/male or female/females of a species getting busy. The article from the site that Deadspin linked to didn't indicated why it was a "crime against nature" instead of sexual assault, but the phrase is redolent of a past I never want to go back to.

Not the best way for Mr. Bevins to come out to his teammates, certainly, so let's hope he finds his way after his legal troubles are resolved. He's really handsome too and that mug shot on Deadspin certainly does him no favors. --Jim Allen