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Naked for a Cause calendar

nakecausez.jpgAustralian Rules Football and Rugby League players have bared (mostly) it all for a 2008 calendar, Naked for a Cause. The proceeds go to breast cancer research. The athletes are naked for the calendar, but cropping or props hide the family jewels. The cover boy is William Zillman. DNA Magazine has a great interview with Rugby League player Daniel Conn, who had these choice answers:

Do you care that gay guys are going to buy the calendar?
No, I’m cool with that. I’m pretty comfortable with my sexuality but it’s a bit of a laugh.

Would you ever pose for a gay mag?
I haven’t really thought about it… Yeah, I’d give it a go.

Do you have any gay mates?
I’ve got some girlfriends that have gay mates and they seem like pretty funny blokes. I’d call them my mates, yeah.

How would you and your team react if one of your teammates came out?
I reckon we’re all pretty understanding. We’d be good about it all. It would probably be a bit weird at first but I think we’d all build a bridge and get over it.

What’s the gayest CD you own?
I’ve got a bit of Elton John in there somewhere so that’d probably take the prize.

You can buy the calendar here.
DNA sent us a shot we have used for Picture This. --Jim Buzinski