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Outing an NHL player?

A Canadian celebrity gossip blog called "Is This Happening?!" has an item which seems to out 19-year-old Jiri Tlusty, a Toronto Maple Leafs rookie. It's solely based on a photo of Tlusty and another man apparently licking each other's tongues. A followup post says Tlusty read the item and wanted to reply. Asked why there was such a picture, Tlusty is quoted as saying "Because was really good night after his birthday and we had really good time all our group from home town." Asked if he is gay or bisexual, he replied, "I am not gay or bi nothing." Next question: "What are your views on homosexual hockey players - whether it be in the NHL or just in general?" Jiri's answer: "I don't know nothing about the homosexual."

It seems to be just another pathetic example of a gossip site trying to gain attention and web hits by playing the gay card. And since I've written about it, I guess it worked.

As a public service I'll mention that the site also has a separate post in which Tlusty appears naked, using a cell phone to take a picture of himself in front of a mirror. I'm not posting that link. Find it yourselves. :twisted: -- Joe Guckin

Update: Tlusty's naked pics spawn frenzy