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Salon does Outsports

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Salon does Outsports: Salon sports columnist King Kaufman is one of our favorite sports writers. He's smart, witty, knows his sports, and he's very gay-friendly. He's straight as an arrow, having just moved his family to the Bay Area from St. Louis, but he is engaged by gay issues in sports, and he addresses them with great gusto. That's a tough combination to find among sports writers.

Kaufman did us the honor of reading our book, "The Outsports Revolution," and writing a very thoughtful article about the book and a conversation he and I had earlier this week. But to me even more interesting than the interview are the comments Kaufman's loyal readers have left behind about the article.

Kaufman shared with me his one criticism of the book: That we talk about Outsports too much in the first third of it. He said after that, we stopped. I hear what he's saying. And I definitely respect his opinion. It was at the publisher's behest that we put "Outsports" in the title. And, as I said to him, even if they hadn't, and even if they hadn't told us to not be afraid to talk about Outsports, we probably would have spent a good amount of time on it, anyway. We do think Outsports is a big part of the recent history of gay sports. We think our readers, and in particular our active discussion-board members, have helped drive some gay-sports news. And we're very proud of that. If a criticism of the book is that Jim and I are proud papas, and Outsports is our toddler just now learning how to walk, then I certainly stand guilty as charged.

And if you haven't read Kaufman's sports column on, I urge you to do so. As one Salon/Outsports reader wrote, it just might become one of your first stops every morning. -Cyd Zeigler jr.