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Cult of Colt

Colt BrennanOur College Football preview is up and it is no surprise that USC is the pick to win it all. What is also not much of a surprise is that Hawaii QB Colt Brennan was named by both our writers as one of the game's three hottest players. Brennan, who threw an absurd 58 touchdown passes for Hawaii in 2006, is this year's "It Player" based on the buzz and e-mail I've received. Last year it was Brady Quinn and before that Jeremy Bloom.

McCoy had a big feature article, complete with a shot of him in dreadlocks, in Sunday's New York Times, and his saga of redemption made the front of Saturday's L.A. Times sports section. Expect a lot of college football fans to stay up late to watch Hawaii home games, which start after midnight on the East Coast. --Jim Buzinski