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Make it stop. For the love of God, make it stop.

In the early days of Outsports, the first message board had a running joke: the number of (popup) Gabe Kapler threads.

We now have the successor to Gabe The Alleged Babe Who Is, Like, So EWWWW: Brady Quinn. I must have seen that picture of him and his buzzcut on at least a dozen sites yesterday, mostly gay sites that have no interest in sports.

Admittedly, Quinn is not my type, since I don't go for the horsey-faced look and prefer guys that look like the Assistant New Accounts Manager in a bank, like the great actor (popup) Michael Emerson

As a contrarian corrective, here are three NFL players that are, in my not at all humble opinion, way better looking than Kentucky Derby contender Quinn.

Alex Smith:
Alex Smith

Brandon Stokely:
Brandon Stokely

Jason Witten:
Jason Witten

Think of the children, people, reject the False God Quinn!

Shout out to Jim B., Cyd and Joe in Philly, all survivors of the Gabe Kapler days. --Jim Allen