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Hottest athletes

The "hottest athlete" elections are with us once again. One that I've been following is on AOL Sports. AOL has worked men and women through tournament eliminations, and now dragster Ashley Force and NFL star Tom Brady are going neck and neck for "hottest athlete" overall. Voting ended yesterday. It seems unfair to make us choose between men and women. I suppose I will be outvoted by Outsports readers, who are mostly male and will go for Tom Brady, who is admittedly a real dish. But I will vote for Ashley Force, natch (and given her 80-20 lead last time I looked, most of the straight guys reading AOL Sports agree).

It's intriguing to see that two women race-car drivers (Danica Patrick being the other) made it into the finals of the AOL race. On the broader horizon of what's happening in sports, female drivers are definitely hot right now. -- Patricia Nell Warren