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Reax to Harrington's gay fans

We just never know which of our stories the media will pick up and run with. Jim wrote a great story about the only openly gay Div. 1 college head coach in the country, and it was met with the chirping of crickets. Then, Matt Hennie of Atlanta writes a story for us about gay Joey Harrington fans and it makes the rounds. The story got picked up by the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday, and by Thursday it was their site's most popular story with almost 200 reader comments; not most popular sports story, or most popular NFL story - their most popular story story!

A bunch of blogs have picked up on it, from a gay guy calling the Free Press homophobic for printing their story to a Tampa Bay Bucs fan. The range of comments seems to lean heavy on criticism of the Free Press for printing the article, for reason.

  • This from what I assume is a straight reader of the Free Press: "Good grief Free Press. You just about made my lunch come up. If your only reason for "reporting" this sick crap is to get my to lose my cookies, you nearly succeeded. If you're trying to promote some agenda, then see ya...."
  • This is from a gay blogger who obviously didn't realize that the fans had been quoted by us: "Yeah... That free press article is complete trash. ... What's even more infuriating to me? The entire article portrays homosexuals as the bad stereotype people think of them as, instead of in the way that Outsports wants them to be viewed. The people they quote essentially say 'Gays like football now because we want to stare at the hot guys.'"
  • A Tampa Bay Bucs blogger assumes that the piece in the Free Press was meant to embarrass Harrington: "Man, those guys in Detroit sure know how to hold a grudge. And, yes, I am saying that it is embarrassing to a straight professional football player to be openly admired by homosexual men."

Tell that to Tom Brady.