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"Very single" gay gymnast on tour

ji_wallace.jpgOpenly gay gymnast Ji Wallace (right), who won a silver medal on trampoline in the 2000 Olympics for Australia, has come out of retirement and is on tour in World Cup competitions with Australia's national team, hoping to make the team for the World Championships in November. Wallace came out in 2005.

We've got Wallace's press release after the jump. The last paragraph of his press release calls him "very single." You can find him on Myspace, where I imagine he's hoping to either find someone to keep him single or change his status. He's also got a bunch of great pics of him on there. Anyone headed to Sydney anytime soon?

Ji Wallace, Australia's one and only Sydney 2000
Olympic Silver medal winning gay gymnast makes the
deadline for inclusion in the National team to tour
Russia and Poland for the World Cup competitions.
These competitons are the last in the series before
the 'big one' - the World Championships 2007 to be
held in Quebec city Canada on the first weekend in

The World Championships double as the Olympic
qualifying event for the Beijing Olympics 2008. The
competiton is the one and only chance athletes have to
make the grade and cement their own countries
representative place for inclusion in the Beijing

With trouble creeping into Ji's new technique over the
last couple weeks it is a huge relief to know that he
is back on top of his game and looking forward to the
challenging qualifying competitions ahead.

As the host nation China continues to gain strength in
this all exciting aerial sport Ji aims to hunt down
the worlds top 3 athletes by introducing a new move
into the vocabulary of trampolinists around the world
- the Wallace. A 'never been seen before' move that is
truly magical to watch.

The very single and very funny Ji Wallace has been
'hot' in his home town of Adelaide with many media
appearances and radio guests spots and has launched
himself into the corporate motivational world with
vengance, catching everyone's attention with his
enthuastic and humerous presenting style leaving all
wanting more from his professional performances.