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What punishment for the Patriots?

I am a lifelong Patriots fan, and I have no stomach for cheating.

Do I think people in the NFL hate the Patriots' success and want to undermine them? Yes. Said Boomer Esiason: "Everyone's piling on right now, there's no question about it. There's 31 other teams that would love to knock the Patriots off their perch."

Do I think every team in the NFL cheats when it can, teaching its players how to cheat on the field and get away with it? Absolutely.

Do I think signal stealing is commonplace? As much as a Rex Grossman fumble. Bill Parcells on Monday night said he didn't understand what the big deal was; stuff like this is going on all the time.

But, if the Patriots are indeed found "guilty" of the charge, there's no excuse. My punishment for them: Lost a second-round draft pick next year, so the franchise is punished; Fine Robert Kraft $100,000, so the owner is punished; and suspend Bill Belichick for one game, so the coach is punished. -Cyd Zeigler jr.

Latest: Belichick apologizes, says he misinterpreted the rules. Which I don't believe for a second.
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