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Is Tom Brady injured?

Two weeks to go and we already have our first Super Bowl subplot -- Tom Brady's right foot.

A photo here and video here taken the day after the AFC Championship Game clearly show the New England Patriots quarterback with his right foot in a protective boot; in the video he appears to be limping. The images were taken outside the New York City apartment of Gisele Bundchen, Brady's supermodel girlfriend. It is unclear when Brady was injured.

Brady had his worst game of the season Sunday against San Diego, throwing a season-high three interceptions, which makes me wonder whether he was injured early in the game. The Brady that played against the Chargers looked like a different quarterback from the one a week prior who completed 26 of 28 passes.

In a radio interview Monday, Brady was evasive about his health: "There are always kind of bumps and bruises. I'll be ready for the Super Bowl. I'm not missing this one. I'd have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will just be some treatment this week and like I said, games like this you get a little nicked up, but it's nothing serious."

Normally, "bumps and bruises" don't require a walking cast, so expect Brady's right foot to be the most discussed appendage in New England since Curt Schilling's bloody ankle. --Jim Buzinski

Update: Brady was later seen Monday night wearing cowboy boots and no brace.