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Michael Irvin, still a clown

Michael Irvin, despite no longer being a part of ESPN's NFL Countdown, is still sought out for his opinions on the NFL. This week, in Phoenix for the Super Bowl, he was twice asked about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's recent statements on a blog that the Eagles need to get more playmakers. As usual when it comes to McNabb and the Eagles, that comment has everyone around here in over-analysis mode. "How does this affect his relationship with the team?" "Does this mean he's feuding with Andy Reid?" "Is he throwing his teammates under the bus?" and so on.

So a Comcast Sportsnet reporter in Phoenix asked Irvin a couple of days ago for his take on McNabb's request. "If I'm Donovan, I don't make that statement." Seems that because McNabb is under scrutiny due to his injuries, the team not making the playoffs, etc., such a statement "looks self-serving."

Then, a day or two later, he appeared on sports-talk radio station WIP with a host who's broadcasting from Phoenix this week. Again, he was asked about McNabb. "I thought Donovan made a great statement about getting playmakers," he replied.

Flip-flopping or just stupidity? I vote for the latter. -- Joe Guckin