New York Warriors take third straight championship; Chicago Bears win consolation title

By Cyd Zeigler jr.

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The New York Warriors became the first team to win three consecutive Gay Superbowls, beating the Salt Lake City X-Communicated in the finals, 28-20. In the consolation round, it was the Chicago Bears also beating a host team, topping the Salt Lake City Avalanche for the title. It was the second time that both host teams were in the two title games; last year both New York teams made it.Taking the biggest leap of the tournament were the Phoenix Hellraisers and the Michigan Panthers. Last year, the Hellraisers finished 15th of 16 teams; this year, they finished 7th, losing only to the Warriors, whom they played twice. The Panthers jumped 7 spots, from last year's finish of 13th to 6th this year.

The Warriors are the only team to win three titles and have now won 18 consecutive games in the tournament. Their last loss was a 33-28 loss in the semifinals of Gay Superbowl 5 in San Diego.

Gay Superbowl Champions

1 – Los Angeles Motion
2 – Los Angeles Motion
3 – Washington Monuments
4 – Washington Monuments
5 – Chicago Flames
6 – New York Warriors
7 – New York Warriors
8 – New York Warriors

Gay Superbowl Consolation Champions (started in 2005)

1 – San Diego Sharks
2 – Dallas Bulls
3 – Atlanta Storm
4 – Chicago Bears

Gay Superbowl 8 in Salt Lake City results

Final Standings

1 – New York Warriors (6-0)
2 – Salt Lake City X-Communicated (5-1)
3 – San Diego Bolts (3-2-1)
3 – Los Angeles Motion (4-1-1)
5 – Washington Monuments (5-1)
6 – Michigan Panthers (3-2)
7 – Phoenix Hellraisers (3-2)
8 – Boston Hancocks (2-3)
9 – Atlanta Storm (3-2)
10 – New York Bad Apples (2-3)
11 – Chicago Bears (4-2)
12 – Salt Lake City Avalanche (3-3)
13 – DC Metros (3-3)
14 – Houston Hurricanes (2-4)
15 – South Florida Cat 5s (2-3)
16 – Silicon Valley Crash (0-5)
17 – Denver Summit (1-4)
18 – Chicago Attack (0-5)
19 – Atlanta Heat (1-4)

SUNDAY Results
9th Place Atlanta Storm defeated New York Bad Apples
7th Place Phoenix Hellraisers defeated Boston Hancocks by forfeit
17th Place Denver Summit defeated Chicago Attack
15th Place South Florida defeated Silicon Valley
19th Place Atlanta Heat wins by forfeit
Ch Semi New York Warriors defeated San Diego Bolts
Ch Semi SLC X-Communicated defeated Los Angeles Motion
Con Semi Chicago Bears defeated Houston Hurricanes
Con Semi SLC Avalanche defeated DC Metros
5th Place Washington Monuments defeated 5 Michigan Panthers
3rd Place San Diego Bolots defeated Los Angeles Motion
13th Place DC Metros defeated Houston
11th Place Chicago Bears defeated Salt Lake City Avalanche
Champion NY Warriors defeated SLC X-Communicated

Saturday Results

Los Angeles def. Silicon Valley
New York Bad Apples def. South Florida Cat 5
San Diego def. Denver
Michigan def. Chicago Bears
Washington def. Atlanta Heat

New York Warriors def. Chicago Attack
Phoenix def. DC Metros
Atlanta Storm def. Houston Hurricanes
Boston def. Salt Lake City Avalanche

San Diego def. Atlanta Storm
Boston def. New York Bad Apples
Chicago Attack def. Atlanta Heat
Denver wins by forfeit
SLC X-Communicated def. Michigan
New York Warriors def. Phoenix
Los Angeles Motion def. Boston Hancocks
San Diego def. Washington Monuments
SLC Avalanche def. Silicon Valley
Houston def. South Florida Cat 5
Chicago Bears def. Chicago Attack
DC Metros def. Denver

Friday Results
10:00 Games
NY Warriors (43) def. DC Metros (13)
Phoenix (56) def. Chicago Attack (19)
SLC X-Comm (49) def. Houston (20)
Boston (40) def. Atlanta Heat (7)
Atlanta Storm def. Minnesota by forfeit
Noon Games
Michigan (20) def. San Diego (18)
Los Angeles (28) def. So. Florida (7)
NY Bad Apples (33) def. Silicon Valley (12)
Chicago Bears (32) def. Denver (0)
Washington Mon. (49) def. SLC Avalanche (19)
2:00 Games
NY Warriors (26) def. Phoenix (20) (OT)
DC Metros (52) def. Chicago Attack (13)
SLC X-Comm (26) def. Atlanta Storm (21)
SLC Avalanche (40) def. Atalanta Heat (13)
Houston def. Minnesota by forfeit
4:00 Games
San Diego (20) def. Chicago Bears (14)
Los Angeles (45) def. NY Bad Apples (12)
Michigan (33) def. Denver (12)
So. Florida (27) def. Silicon Valley (13)
Washington Mons. (27) def. Boston (13)