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Drag commercial headed for Super Bowl?

Every year for the last few years, gay watchdogs like GLAAD and Commercial Closet have given out kudos and/or handslaps to companies for their Super Bowl commercials, based on how gay-friendly the commercials are. Right now, Doritos is running a contest to see which commercial they will air during this year's Super Bowl. They've already got over 1,700 entries. This one has stood out to me (click on the play button in the lower right):

What do you think GLAAD or Commercial Closet would say about the ad? Homophobic? Transphobic? How do you feel about it? Would you demand the commercial be removed and never aired again?

Now, what would you say if I told you that gay people were involved in creating it? Does that change how these groups should approach the commercial, or does it change how you feel about it? Because they did.

Personally, I thought it was funny, so I'm pulling for it. So please go to their site, view it and vote for it!