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Mom: Uhrlacher paints son's toenails

The mother of the son of Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Uhrlacher says her 3-year-old has gender identification issues because Uhrlacher paints his toenails blue and dresses him in Cinderella diapers. Tyna Robertson has gone to court in a battle over Uhrlacher's visitation rights. The Herald News has all the weird details:

Urlacher's motion was to stop Robertson from keeping [3-year-old] Kennedy away from him. Robertson said she would allow the visitation, so long as Urlacher put away the Bears-blue nail polish and diapered their son in gender appropriate pull-ups.

After the hearing, Robertson said her son has become confused by the toenail panting and wearing pull-up diapers designed for little girls. "[Kennedy] pulls down his pants and says, 'Mommy, look how pretty they are,' " she said of the diapers. Robertson also recalled Kennedy informing her, "Big boys paint their nails," and said he refused to take a bath for two days to keep the blue polish on his nails from coming off.

"He'd say, 'Mommy, I don't want to get my nails wet. I don't want to mess them up,' " she said. "It took two hours to get him in the bath."

And Kennedy was not the only Urlacher who wouldn't listen to her, Robertson said, telling how her pleas to Brian to get him to cease the toenail painting and inappropriate diapering went unheeded.

"He says he can do whatever he wants," Robertson said. "(Urlacher said), 'It doesn't make him feminine. It doesn't make him gay.'

"You're confusing him, if he's a boy or a girl," she said.

Robertson even supplied the Herald with a picture of Kennedy with painted toenails. She blamed Uhrlacher and his girlfriend for the toe-painting and putting Cinderella diapers on Kennedy. Uhrlacher's attorney had little comment except: "Typical Tyna, talking to the press, as in virtually every other instance."

Custody battles are often quite ugly and I have no idea how good of a parent either Kennedy's mom or dad are or who is telling the truth. Last year, Robertson accused Uhrlacher of sending her abusive text messages and telling her: "Your raising a little p---y."