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Our thoughts go out to Dr. Z

We here at Outsports reference no writer or sports journalist more than Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman. He has, at times over the years, thrilled us, frustrated us, informed us, and made us laugh. He is regarded (certainly on this site) as the most insightful NFL columnist there is. In an age when style-over-substance guys like Tony Kornheiser and Deion Sanders get the big TV contracts, the surly Dr. Z hands out the best analysis of the game for those of us who actually want to read about how football games unfold. What I have gotten most from Z's writing: 1) That a guy who constantly sat in the back row in grade school can have front-row insights as an adult, and 2) How to take, deflect and acknowledge criticism from readers while both learning from it and not letting it ruin your day.

I read this morning in Peter King's column that Dr. Z has been the victim of a couple strokes over the last week. He is in the hospital. Apparently, he isn't talking so good. He faces a long road of physical therapy to get back into tip-top shape. And our thoughts are with him in hopes that we will soon read more of his maddening, brilliant insights soon. You can email your well-wishes to him here.