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Tom Brady condoms (ahem) coming soon?

How desperate is the NFL for cash these days? Check this out. No pro league in the U.S. has a more aggressive policy of protecting its image. From throwing around suspension like they were candy at a parade to sending cease-and-decist letters to most anyone who utters the letters "N F L" without sending in a royalty payment, the League is crazy about its image. So it's a bit shocking when an executive with one of the league's larger licensees starts talking about NFL-branded condoms:

"This may be the one time you could get an NFL condom license," said an executive for one of the league's larger licensees. "If you'll give them a $50,000 guarantee for three years, they'll let you be a licensee."

Of course, Sports By Brooks says what a "downer" it would be to see Peyton Manning's face smiling back at you while you're having sex. But look at it this way: Gay Cincinnati fans would literally be able to get f***ed by the Bengals and not have to limit it to four months a year!