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Eagles win, but McNabb still pissed

The Philadelphia Eagles continued their resurrection, pasting Cleveland, 30-10, Monday night for their third straight win since quarterback Donovan McNabb came back after being benched. The Eagles (8-5-1) will make the playoffs if they win their last two games (at Washington, home vs. Dallas) and either Tampa or Atlanta lose once.

All night on ESPN, though, I kept hearing that McNabb was still angry over being benched and desirous of playing elsewhere in 2009. What is it about quarterbacks that makes benching the ultimate insult, the sporting version of tossing a shoe at someone in the Arab world?

I have never understood this attitude and I have played and watched football my whole life. Players at every other position regularly sit down if they are not performing well and that's accepted. Yet sit a QB and his manhood has been insulted.

In this case, regardless of what you think about Eagles Coach Andy Reid, his decision to sit McNabb in the second half of the Baltimore game has been a masterstroke. The Eagles have been a different breed of birds the past three weeks; you would think McNabb would acknowledge that the decision was a needed wakeup call for himself and his team. Instead, he acts all resentful. Maybe after 10 years with the same team, it's a marriage that has run its course. Curious as to what others think.