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"Longwood" more than just an A&F school

It sounds like the latest in Abercrombie & Fitch's line of saucy "athletic"-inspired T-shirts, but in fact Longwood is a university in Virginia that recently became a Division I program. The "Longwood Lancers," piercing opponents with vim and vigor. I heard about their move to D-I because they played against the University of Virginia while I was in Charlottesville a couple nights ago; Longwood slipped to 4-6 with the 29-point loss to a bad Cavaliers team. Don't count on seeing them in the tournament anytime soon, as they presently have an RPI of 284 and two of their wins came against teams in the RPI's bottom 30.

Of course, with their jump to D-I came a change of their logo. The new one is above; Their old one, which I think I prefer, is after the jump.