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Flex for me baby!

Alright, now that Week 16 is almost done, there are only 5 spots left in the "NFL Post-Season Tournament" (colloquially known to you and me as the Playoffs) and the NFL has moved around their schedules for Sunday the 27th. So now, you can sit and wait even longer as you develop ulcers and agonize over what your team's fate will be. Here's your guide:

Denver @ San Diego has been flexed to 8:15p ET. This is it for both teams, win and you're the AFC West champs. Lose and you can schedule an early tee time for Monday.

Miami @ NY Jets has been flexed to 4:15pm ET. The Jets shot themselves in the foot (again) by losing to Seattle and now need help to make the playoffs. A win and a New England loss to Buffalo gives them the AFC East. A win and a Baltimore loss gives them the wild card. If Miami wins, they complete the absolutely impossible dream and win their first division title in 7 years. And if they lose, Baltimore and New England have to lose or else the sea mammals go home. (Oh, and there's the added storyline of Chad Pennington returning to NY to exact revenge on the team that cast him aside for DILF Brett Favre.)

Dallas @ Philadelphia has been flexed to 4:15pm ET. The Cowboys could get in with a win, but their awful loss to Baltimore last week took control out of their hands. The Eagles stunning loss to the Redskins means they now need an Oakland victory over playoff-bound Tampa Bay to get in. Yeah, good luck with that. Also, if Peter King is to be believed - and he isn't - whichever team doesn't make the playoffs could very well be looking for a new head coach soon thereafter.

And finally, Jacksonville @ Baltimore has been flexed to 4:15pm ET. Jacksonville gets to play spoiler to the Ravens, but has nothing else to play for. The Ravens however, are 10-5 right now and control their destiny for the final wild card spot. A win and they're in, if they lose and they need the Pats and Dolphins to both lose.

Next weekend is going to be as awesome as getting to open your holiday presents a second time.