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The Yankees Buy Some Gifts For Their Fans

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Merry Ludachristmas everyone! The holiday season is here and the Steinbrenners have decided to give their fans a gift right before Santa gets to town. Yahoo Sports reports that the New York Yankees will sign mercenary 1B Mark Teixeira to an 8 year deal worth about $180 Million. So now, they've invested a little short of half a BILLION dollars between Tex, CC Sabathia, and AJ Burnett. God, it's so easy to hate the Yankees.

Hank Steinbrenner can kindly take all his horseshit about "cutting payroll" and shove it. It's like telling your significant other they can only shop at Bergdorf Goodman or Saks instead of at the boutique shops in Paris. Make no mistake about it, the Yankees have firmly decided they're going to buy another World Series if it kills them.

Here's their projected starting lineup:

C Jorge Posada ($13M), 1B Mark Teixeira ($22.5M), 2B Robinson Cano ($3M), SS Derek Jeter ($22M), 3B Alex Rodriguez ($28M), LF Johnny Damon ($13M), CF Melky Cabrera (a steal at $800K), RF Xavier Nady($3M, though if the rumors are to be believed ManRam is on the way for about $20M a year), DH Hideki Matsui ($13M)

So, that's almost $120 million in 10 guys. I haven't even touched the pitching salaries, which push it to right about $200M. It should be noted too, that the home-grown guys (except the insanely overpaid Jeter) are the ones who are the bargains and the ones you'll always hear mentioned in trade rumors. A friend of mine once said, why grow your own talent, when you can pay 10 times as much for someone else?

Yes, this signing, along with the rumored additions of Derek Lowe & Manny Ramirez would make them prohibitive favorites in 2009. That said, the Yankees haven't been to the Series in 5 years and haven't won since Bill Clinton was President. So they still need to go out and play 162 games and prove it just like any one else.

Oh, I didn't even mention the best part of Teixeira's contract. A full no-trade clause. Over/under line on when the New York media turns on Tex is July 4, 2010. I'll take the under.