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GB2C: Gotta love a mascot in a loin cloth

My partner and I are on a 14-day trip from New York back to Los Angeles. I’ll be posting here about the trip every couple days.

Today ended four days and three nights in New Mexico, the most beautiful state we've visited so far. Part of that trip through the state was spent in Carlsbad, where I was introduced to the Carlsbad Cavemen. As far as I can remember, it's the only high school (or even college) mascot I can remember seeing dressed in nothing but a loin cloth (somewhere Ron Ely is looking for a royalty check).

The Cavemen nickname, of course, comes from the Carlsbad Caverns, which are a site to behold. A series of rooms with incredible rock formations formed over thousands of years. Unfortunately, the bats that live there had flown to Mexico for the winter. As our guide joked, the females will come back from winter break in Mexico knocked up; Gotta love park-ranger humor.