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Broncos fire coach Mike Shanahan

File this under the "wow!" catagory. The Denver Broncos fired Coach Mike Shanahan two days after his team blew a three-game division lead and failed to make the playoffs. Shanahan won back-to-back Super Bowls in 1997-98, but has won only one playoff game since.

I advocated Shanhan getting sacked in my Week 17 notes. His teams have underperformed this decade and twice in three years lost late-season home games to sub-.500 teams that would have clinched a playoff spot. He was in total control of the Broncos' player moves, so the crappy defense is all his fault. Still, he seemed like the kind of coach who had life-long tenure.

I suspect Shanahan will land on his feet somewhere since a fresh start would probably do him good; just let someone else make the draft and free agent picks.