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"Crowd" sees Hawks win & Gasol's oh face

Josh Smith was making a comeback from an ankle injury and the Atlanta Hawks are battling for first place in the Southeast Division, but no one in Atlanta seems to be noticing. Ball Don't Lie has pictures from last night's Hawks-Grizzlies game with a crowd that can be generously called sparse. (Picture after the jump)

12000? Yeah. Right.

The official attendance at the game last night was 12,088. Unfortunately, it appears the officials counted the empty seats instead of the actual people. Or maybe it's just the people of Atlanta don't want to spend money to see their Hawks play a team with 4 wins. Though here is a good reason to see that 4 win team. Pobrecito, Marc.

And actually, something funny, as I was goofing off from work writing this and looking for a good picture of Marc Gasol, I found this gallery of game photos on Yahoo. In half the pictures he's giving his "Oh" face, in the other half, he looks absolutely terrified to be playing this game.